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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Fun with the Matt, Jen, and Family!

Our friends, Matt and Jen, that we first met in CA and then stationed in ND with us were home this past weekend in Ohio. The day was an open house for friends and family to stop by and see Matt and Jen before they headed home. This was our chance to drive north to visit with them and Matt's family before they headed back to where they are stationed now. Jen and Matt's parents came and saw us when we first moved here. You can read about that here.

Sunday Morning we left and drove to Matt's parent's, Carol and Mark, home. Carol and Mark frequently visited Matt and Jen so we've gotten to know them throughout the years we all spent in Minot. They are all very welcoming and accommodating. When we arrived they had lunch ready! After we ate and introduced us to the family we went to down to the stream that ran behind the house. Trouble got stung by stinging needle, leave it to him to find that! Then we went to another farm. It was the house that Mark and his Dad both grew up in! Dynomite liked the kittens: She was also very excited to hold a caterpillar:

The house is now vacant. They have hired one of the Amish workers nearby to fix the foundation. The best part about the house is what is inside. Carol and the other ladies in the family have set it up as their personal scrapbooking/craft space! How awesome is that!!!
Here is Trouble thrilled to play in the dirt mound:

Next we went to another farm where Mark's brother lives with his family. This house is where Mark's Mom grew up. The kids had a blast feeding the fish in the pond and playing in the leaves. It is nice for them to experience fall, where it is chilly but you can still go outside and play.
Oh yeah, I got a leaf:

And some cute pictures of Backpack:

Sweet revenge:

Jen getting in on the action:

Mark gave the kids, Matt and Travis a mini hay ride. Except they didn't come back for Jen and I:
The kids got cold, so they continued back up the Mark's house. All the farms are connected! Each family still has their own place to live and their own lives. They're such a close knit happy family. We've been really impressed with Matt and Jen and all the family.
While we were gone Matt and Jen's son (just a few weeks older than Backpack) was sleeping. When we returned (Jen and I drove back after Jen got a call that they weren't coming back for us) he was awake and decided he wanted to be with Travis! He hammed it up a bit while we were taking picture. Backpack isn't a good at sharing, so he climbed on Travis' lap as well:
Soon all the kids climbed on and decided it was story time:
But alas, it was time to go! It was a beautiful day to go and we love the Ohio countryside. It was a pleasure to see the family. Here is a picture of their little lady. As cute as ever:

When we left they told us the way to go pass the Amish community. Travis was dead set on seeing some Amish people. We found a house:
A buggy in a barn:
And a rider:

I was a little embarrassed to take pictures of them. I just seemed odd and contradicting, but Travis has no shame :-) They did wave, so maybe they're use to it?? --by the way-Amish Dude-we put you on our blog, hope you don't mind!


Shelby said...

looks like a fun little visit. your kids are so adorable! and i love the amish pics.

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