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Saturday, October 3, 2009

David Copperfield - It was like magic!

On Sunday, after conference we went to see David Copperfield. The theater was only 10mins from our house. It was entertaining, to say the least.

Travis and I found our seats in the lower balcony about 4 rows back from the front. One of the workers asked a man two rows in front of us to be apart of the show. They needed someone wearing a tie. Ironically, it was one time Travis was dressed up without tie! So that man went down to Orchestra seating with his wife. The man asked the couple sitting next to them to go down too, but they said no. Travis tried to get the man's attention so we could go down too. That didn't work, so we took their seats!
The show started out with a video about all the ways he is mentioned in the media - news, sitcoms, talk shows, etc... - so talk about a BIG head!!
We had a great time! The show was funny, entertaining, mesmerizing and simply unbelievable!!
Best Trick:
*A lock box is picked up by a crane before the show starts.
*Later the crane lowers the box down and David Copperfield picks out a bunch of people to hold the keys to the locked box.
*He then throws out three Frisbees-completely random.
*1st guy: picks out two numbers between 1 and 50 and has to tell us he is wearing blue boxers (he shows the camera)
*2nd guy: picks out two numbers and tells when the last time he got 'busy', he answers 35 mins ago.
*3rd lady: picks numbers and tells us her birthday: Oct. 3rd
*He calls them on stage and they test the box.
*The box is then unlocked. Inside is a package, a tape and paper. He had one volunteer hold the package and then plays the cassette tape which is his voice repeating all what the people said, and on the paper is written what the people said. Now in the package, which the volunteer never let go of, was license plates with the same numbers engraved upon it.
*So then 12 more volunteers come on stage and look around and he has the two guys from before squatting, holding onto some pillars. The 12 volunteers hold a rope forming a half circle around the guys holding pillars and a large sheet is thrown on top.
*The sheet is taken away and Viola! A car appears! A CAR!! Its MAGIC!!

We had a great time. We laughed the whole time!


Cynthia said...

Sweet! Sounds like fun! I love your new blog layout-

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