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Monday, October 12, 2009

Find a tale of unwavering faith in Kabul24 by Henry O. Arnold

Find a tale of unwavering faith in Kabul24 by Henry O. Arnold

This is a harrowing tale of 24 individuals (8 Westerners and 16 Afghanis) that were placed under arrest with fictitious charges by the Taliban. This is their story of steadfast faith in the face of a very desperate and hopeless situation. They work for a Christian based humanitarian group called Shelter Now International. The story mostly follows the 8 imprisoned Westerners. This SNI team is dedicated to helping the poor and needy Afghans who live in Kabul. They are ultimately a thorn in the Taliban side because of their programs. The 8 westerners are looked upon by the Taliban as infidels, so once in captivity death looks to the ultimate end of them.

You read this book and simply cannot believe the injustice of what they are going through. Throughout the book the 8 never abandon their faith and trust in God. They still respect the Afghan people by recognizing that it is the government and not the people that hold them captive. The narrative makes you want to ask yourself if you could live through that and still have that devotion. Surprisingly, I found myself uplifted at the conclusion and enjoyed reading about each of the miracles that came about to ensure their rescue. If you remember this story from the media and would like the inside story or if you would love a Job of the Old Testament story then I recommend this book to you!


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