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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Return of Freddy

Before we moved here we mailed Freddy the fish to Ohio. Freddy has had a long and exhausting journey! The post office was kind enough to remove Freddy from his traveling Ziploc bag into this nice clear container. They kept his container clean and gave him plenty of food. But alas, he missed us and has returned home! Trouble was very excited to have his friend back.Dynomite wasn't really sure what to think. She had questions, but could not formulate them properly so we ignored her.She thinks its all a little disgusting.
Backpack isn't even sure what is going on, so he points and makes gurgling noises.
Freddy has found a new area to live in that gets more sunshine. He is a people watcher so now he can see all that goes on during the day. Freddy is also a good eater. So maybe on this next move he won't have to be mailed!


Cynthia said...

What a great ploy is all I can say. ;-)
I love the picture of Dynomite looking at the fish- classic!


your post sounds like a horror flick. No really, it was a cute idea.

Nay said...

Your right! I didn't even realize it! We've killed lots of animals in our moves, so this is one we were able to cover up :-)

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