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Monday, December 10, 2007

Proud Parent Reading

When you read about child raising you have one of three initial reactions:
1) Oh, I should try that
2) Bad me...
3) Yes! I'm a good parent!!!

Today I had a rare #3 reaction! I was reading in Parents Mag about getting your 4-5 year old children ready to read. Now Trouble LOVES books. He recently started getting excited about singing The Alphabet Song and figuring what sound each letter makes. He constantly asks questions like, "What does______ start with?" and "What sound does ___ make?". He also likes to 'read' to us. His favorite is to rhyme. Sometimes he even makes up new words to rhyme with real words. Although the other day I'd asked him to rhyme fit and he said, "Tit". Oops! Well, it could have been worse!!
Anyway, all those things are ways the article suggested to get your preschoolers ready to read. And we're already doing them. Okay, so Trouble is already doing them...and many of them by his own accord.
So that is my rare parenting brag moment. It not our fault we have awesome kids :-)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

It Begins!

We now advancing in the wonderful world of the INTERNET. Yes, we are joining the ranks of other dignified, or not-so-dignified (whatever), people and starting our own blog spot. Now those of you who actually do care can look every day (if that be your wish) to see what the awesome members of Tubbs Family are up to. So enjoy! We promise more for the future. Now we are going to hang sheetrock to celebrate!
With much love!
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