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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rocket launch at school

Travis went to Trouble's school this morning to launch rockets. Trouble attends a Classical Academy on Tuesdays and Thursdays. His class just finished a science unit in rocketry and wanted to end it with a bang!

Travis has been launching model rockets for three years now, just for fun. He's launched them for lessons at schools in North Dakota, at our home in Ohio, and for his job here in California. He was happy for the opportunity to be apart of Trouble's school.

Here is the report that was on this evenings news:



Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby #5

So its pretty lame that I have to post this without a picture, but our scanner/printer is down. Yep, we are expecting baby number 5!

The responses you receive are different for each baby announcement:
Baby #1: What?? Congratulations! That is so awesome! You'll love being a mommy!
Baby #2: Yeah!! Congratulations!! I hope it is a (opposite sex of what you already had).
Baby #3: Congrats! So, is this the last one?
Baby #4: You're pregnant, again. Um, congratulations.
Baby #5: Well, I thought it was about time! Congratulations!! We're so excited for you!

We usually don't tell people until I'm 10-12 weeks along and after we get that first ultrasound. It just feels more real to us. We went to our first appointment and I was very impressed with the quality of the 10 week ultrasound. When I stated so, the tech said, "Oh honey, you're 14 weeks!" A month further than we thought, I won't argue with that! It also made me feel better that I'm showing. I was sad my belly was already sticking out at 10 weeks.

We also believe that it is a boy. He was NOT shy for the ultrasound. When the tech was looking down by the feet, Travis started shaking his head. He's seen that body part on the ultrasound screen many times! We will have a 20 week ultrasound to double check. We never really discussed if we wanted to find out, too late now!

Generally, I've been well...no morning sickness, and eating fine. I'm just really tired, which I'm sure have NOTHING to do with chasing around 4 other kids. I've also been really cold. Unfortunately, the doctor has cut me back on exercising 3 days a week, upper body only because of an unforeseen problem. I meet with my trainer MWF. She has trained pregnant ladies before, so I know I'm in good hands. But now I think I'll start taking the kids swimming more often.

Today I did a 2hr glucose test. That was torture. Previously, I've only done the 1hr. Who in their right mind tells a pregnant lady to fast for 12 hours, wake up early, and after not drinking anything for hours to pee in a cup? Then lets give her a drink similar to snow cone syrup, on an empty stomach, and draw her blood three time. And you can't eat again until its all over!! However, that was the nicest lab I've ever been in. I got my own warm room with a comfy recliner to wait in. And when I left they gave me a muffin :-) I guess it wasn't so bad after all!

We will spend the next 5 months thinking of boy T names, a blog name, getting freezer meals ready, the house in order, and preparing for our new addition. I think Travis enjoys my nesting antics, but I think he could do without the hormones.
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