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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Backpack Battles Blades

Thanks to Cynthia for the clever title!

Last Wednesday I was cutting fleece fringe for a pillow with my heavy duty spring loaded scissors. I was on the floor cutting when Dynomite reached for the scissors. Since she does okay with scissors I let her use them while I tied the pillow. As she was cutting Backpack reached for them as she cut down and cut his thumb. I didn't realize how bad until I washed the blood from his hand. I felt slightly panicked and couldn't reach Travis on his cell. So I wrapped his thumb up, grabbed a bottle of PediaSure to keep him soothed and headed over the Cynthia's. She did agree that I should take him into the ER. I figured she was my voice of reason. So I left her with the other two and drove to Dayton's Children's Hospital. I was only a block or so from our house when I saw Travis and flagged him down. So he went with.

We were only in the ER for 1.5hours. The doctor put in three little stitches and he lost part of his nail. But we had stitches out yesterday and everything looks okay now!

Just this last week, Backpack has tried crawling out the back door which resulting in him scratching up his eye brown on the cement. Then I was in the garage and he was in the house. He had crawled over and pulled himself to standing with his hands resting on the door. I didn't not know this, so when I opened the door (which swings into the garage) he fell flat on his face on the cement. Blood everywhere! I had it! I burst into tears and let Travis handle it. Luckily he only got a fat lip. He hit so hard, it makes me shudder just thinking about it.

Luckily kids come hardy!

Thank you Laura for the picture!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crafty Moi

I really do like to do crafty things, but find that my time is limited. I also tend to lose motivation because I'm not really that great at doing crafty thing. The problem I run into is that I get way too absorbed into my project and everything else gets put on the back burner like, lets say, the house. Honestly, how do you go from a clean house when you wake up to looking like you had your own tornado go through at the end of the day? Its called Mama-is-busy syndrome. But every night I dutifully clean, just to have it happen all over again, until said project is over. So here are my projects, and I will the packing away the sewing machine and craft boxes until Thanksgiving (for sanity and temptation purposes)! Perhaps crafts are to women as video games are to men?!?
The kids wanted Hobby Horses. So Travis told me that his mom made their family hobby horses, so he was sure I could do the same. He said, "Lets do it for FHE!" HA! Lori did confirm that she did make them, but it took more than a few hours. It took me three days to make three. I watched a how-to video on the Internet.Backpack's Hobby horse (I picked out everything for it):
Dynomite's Horse (She picked out the fabric): Trouble's Horse (He picked out the fabric and ribbon):

For Super Saturday I kind of volunteered to teach how to make beaded socks. Since I've never made beaded socks I thought I'd better try! I looked online and at the one's Nikki and Candace have given me and was able to figure it out. Dynomite is excited and I think I have arthritis. Unfortunately, I need these for a display so I only have one done for each pair :-) If you have any tips on making these or on how to teach this, I'd love to know!!!

The first pair have 4 pastel colors, the second pair have Christmas colors (with some pink thrown in by accident, I was sorting beads in not so good light and they looked red), the third pair have two colors but I alternated the number of chains (6chains on purple, 10 chains on white), the last pair are just white. All are tri-beads.

Lastly, I tried my hand at making a hooded towel. I have three myself. A regular one from Rebecca N. for Trouble, a duckie one from Nikki for Dynomite, and a doggie one from Bernadette for Backpack. So when I have another baby I had best to find a friend who'll gift me one, or learn to make them on my own! This was a compilation of all three. Someday I'll get REALLY creative and make them into an animal of some sort. This one is a gift. Hopefully it won't fall apart the first time she uses it

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

KTT: Meat Thermometers

Did you know that it is actually better for you to cook your meat at low temperatures for shorter amounts of time? Doing so will decrease the amount of HCAs and PAHs on your meat, both of which are mutagens that can lead to cancer.

Most of us overcook our meat to make sure it is done well enough to eat. But studies have shown that overcooking our meat is bad for us, too! So how do you know when your meat is done? A meat thermometer! Just stick that probe in the meat and read the internal temperature. Here are the basic guideline for the safe temperature to eat certain foods:

Chicken breast–170°
Legs and thighs–180°
Beef, medium-rare–145°
Ground beef, pork–160°
Ground turkey, chicken–165°
Fish–until opaque and flakes easily with a fork

For the types of of Meat Thermometers:

Dial Oven-Going: Used for large cuts of meat, thermometer to be put in before roasting or grilling. Insert at least 2 inches into center of largest part of meat. Should not touch fat or bone. After it reaches the desired temperature, push it in a little further. If the temp drops, cook longer. If not, the meat is safe to eat. Before eating, wrap meat in foil and let stand for 15 minutes. The temp will rise slightly.

Dial instant read: Insert at least 2 inches into meat. It should read the temp in 15-20 seconds. For thin cuts of meat, insert the thermometer into the side of the meat.

Digital instant-read: Insert 1/2 inch into meat. Should read in about 10 seconds, depending on thermometer. This can be used for large and smaller cuts of meat.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meet Buzz Aldrin

Friday, at a book store called Books & Co. "Buzz" Aldrin was there talking about his new book Magnificent Desolation, The Long Journey Home from the Moon. The kids and I got to Books & Co. at 11:30am to get a line number to have him sign books. We got #178! First there was Q&A session about his book. The store then called out groups of numbers to get your book signed!
The paper said he'd only be there until 1:30pm. So Travis rushed from his mid-term to meet us. I tried to call him and tell him that we'd be there until 2pm just waiting to see him. But Travis didn't get the message and consequently didn't do well on his test from rushing. But we got up front and one of the workers took our picture and I rushed off. I DIDN'T EVEN SAY HI! I was so excited to be there and see him and get a picture and then I just walked away! Travis told him he was a Space and Missiles guy and that he had studied him in school. So they had a nice little conversation and I walked off like a snob!

So Mr. Aldrin, if you somehow come across this little blog of ours, Please don't think I'm a snob, I was just too excited. Love Denay PS We're the family with all the little blond kids that waited 2.5 hours to see.

So you wonder why is such a celeb hanging out in Dayton? To celebrate the upcoming 40th anniversary of the success of the Apollo 11 mission, the National Aviation Hall of Fame had a special ceremony for 12 Apollo veterans at the National Museum of the USAF in Dayton. They got hall's 2009 Milton Caniff "Spirit of Flight" Award.
It was an honor to see and we're excited to read the book.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kirtland, OH

On our way home from NY we decided to stop by Kirtland, OH to see more Church Historical sites. Here is the Kirtland Temple, currently owned by the Community of Christ Church (used to be RLDS). The tour (which we had to pay to go on!) started off with a video about the early saints in Kirtland. It was okay. The President of their church looked eerily like a younger President Hinckley! A nice touch was when after the video the curtains opened up so you could see the temple in all its glory. Then we went for a tour. No pictures were allowed to be taken inside. It was really neat to go inside and just imagine what it would've been like to receive counsel and instruction from the prophet.It was funny to watch the video and hear them talk about how they're using the temples (this one and the one in Missouri) for what they were intended for...meetings, lectures, schooling! Ha Ha, if only they'd stuck around for more prophetic revelations!
We walked by the nearby cemetery.
Here is the home of Sydney and Phoebe Rigatoni.

We then went to Historic Kirtland. This is where our church has all of its displays. We watched the video here, which was very impressive...you know, a real movie! We got a tour of the grounds, by sister missionaries of course. The sister missionaries actually live in Hyram and Jerusha's Smith house. The kids loved the water wheel that turned to operate the machine that cut wood down. They had fun in the ashery, too. Both of which were on loan to the church from N.K. Whitney.

This is the bed Joseph and Emma slept in above the Whitney's store. It was here that Emma actually had her own kitchen in so many years since being married. This was a huge deal for her. I understand!
We didn't realize how important Newl K. Whitney and his store was to the building of the church and to the early saints. He had to keep track of his own business and the items of the Bishop Storehouse and deal with all the people. He was well off for that time and had his own very nice frame house. So when the revelation came for the Saints to move on, him and his wife left all that behind. Their house, successful business, comfy life, friends, and family.

We were really impressed with how well the Church does with anything that it owns. The grounds are always clean and inviting. The buildings are perfectly preserved and maintained. And there is a spirit of reverence. Travis likes that the Sisters are cute :-)
We made it home that night and was excited to see that our order from Cabellas came in. We bought a 10-man tent! Nutty, I know!! But we figure if the world falls apart, we'll have somewhere nice to live.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

KTT: Egg Substitute

If I don't have eggs, but I'm in the middle of baking I use this simple egg substitute recipe:

1 egg = 2 t water + 1t oil + 2 t. baking powder
(t= teaspoon)

I have used it for cakes, brownie mixes, pancakes, cookies. And only recipes that use eggs as a leavening agent but not for binding. Its a quick and easy fix.

I did google this earlier and found this helpful website if you'd like more information:

Monday, July 13, 2009


Friday on our trip to see Kelly we went to Palmyra. We traveled less than two hours. First stop was the Joseph Smith Farm. This is the log cabin that the family built. One large room with a smaller bedroom off to the right side. Later was added on a nursery on the back of the bedroom. The main room was the kitchen/dining room/living room. And I complain about our house!!Upstairs is where the kids slept. The two girls in their own room behind the door and the boys (3 in each bed) in the large area. This is the bed Joseph slept in when he saw Angel Moroni.Later Alvin (Joseph's older brother) build the family a frame house. This is the living area. I liked the painted rug. This rug is a replica of the one that Mother Smith would've painted to beautify the house. See the little potty chair!! There was a considerable amount of room in this house. On the main floor was a living room, bedroom, pantry, kitchen, dining area and master bedroom. A cellar for the food and upstairs more bedroom. The Smith Farm now straddles two different counties, so we could not go upstairs in this house.
The kitchen and dining area. Through the open door you can see is the 'Master' bedroom.

Outside the frame house with the Sister Missionary that guided us through the houses.

We also went through the barn and wood shop. We were anxious to see the Sacred Grove, so we didn't look around there much.
This picture shows how the fences were build. A sign near this fence talks about how Joseph collapses in fatigue trying to climb the fence the morning after his visits with Angel Moroni.

The Sacred Grove is everything you'd think it would be. The singing birds, the calm, the peaceful feeling. It was beautiful! Need I say more:

We then drove over to the Palmyra Temple and looked around.

We then went into town to Grandin's Print Shop where the first copies of the Book of Mormon were printed. It was a fascinating tour. Backpack was very grumpy, so I didn't take in much.
But the kids got to fold up some replica pages of the first printing of the Book of Mormon. We didn't know, but most books were paper bound. But Joseph Smith was instructed to have the Book of Mormon leather bound, so people would know its worth.

Next we drove up to The Martin Harris Farm. Currently there are missionaries living in the house, so there isn't a tour. We took a picture and went on our merry way.

Our last stop was The Hill Cumorah Visitors Center. First we were led into a room with a giant statue of Christ. While we sat listening the presentation, Backpack kept reaching up to Christ, opening a closing his little hands and grunting like, "Pick me up". We had a good chuckle from that. Another room had many of the originals of famous painting we use in Church. And there was also a round table full of copies the Book of Mormon in all the different languages.

This was our favorite display. Showing Christ with the people in New Testament times and with the people on the American Continent. Showing the the Book of Mormon is another Testament of Christ, adding to the Bible.
Then we went out to Hill Cumorah. Also the place of the pageant.

We did stay an hour or so longer while Travis helped some ladies unlock their car. Always a ladies man :-) It was a trip worth making!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New York Trip with Kelly

Travis had a week off from AFIT (but not Wright State) so we decided to meet up with Kelly at her parent's house in New York. We've always wanted to got to Niagara Falls (our goals from a back of cereal box, another post about that later). So she promised us a grand tour, complete with our own tour guide. How could we pass that up! So Wednesday night we packed up the van and drove 6.5 hours straight to Kelly's parents house. We didn't even stop for a potty break. Thursday Morning we headed straight for Niagara Falls. We went to the Canadian side where it is more touristy.

The day was overcast, which kept the crowds down. We saw on part of the falls then decided to go in man made caves behind them. We got these nifty yellow ponchos. Kelly and I stuck our babies heads through the opening of our ponchos and Kelly called us 'Two headed monsters'.Here you can see the other falls. This is looking at the USA (Buffalo, NY) side.There is an island (blocked by the mist) in the upper body of water, so it looks like two different falls. The right side is Canadian, left in USA. See that boat. We did that boat ride.This is how close the boat gets up to the falls. Here we are on the boat. Backpack slept through the entire bumpy, wet ride. After Niagara Falls I found a 7-11 and got a Slurpee! and spend $20 on REAL chocolate :-) When we got home we took Kelly and her parents out for dinner to say thank you for being such gracious hosts and putting up with 5 extra people in their home. Afterwards they took us to a beach area on Lake Erie. The lake is so big with some waves, it felt like the ocean. Dynomite found seashells and coral fossils with Kelly. Daddy and Trouble had fun out in the water.
Friday we spent the day in Palmyra (next post). When we got home we met up with Kelly and her Mom, Donna. They fundraised for and participated in Relay for Life. That really impressed up. Kelly is always doing something to help others. We actually got locked out of their house, so we went and walk a mile with them. It wore the kids (and the parents) out! Kelly did 5 miles that night!!

Thanks to Kelly, Donna and Dave for a great trip!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gain Perspective from Jones in Andy Andew’s book: The Noticer

The Noticer by Andy Andrews is a story of friendship, love, good advice and an old man with a suitcase. Jones is a man who seems to know everything about everyone and has his heart set on helping people see the bigger picture. This book begins with the author in despair during a turbulent time in his life. Then appears Jones, whose advice and caring ways turn his life around. Throughout the story, the author’s life crosses paths with Jones. Jones then tells of this newest rendezvous, which then the author records and turns into this delightful book full of nuggets of wisdom.

I would recommend this book to be on every book shelf. We are taught that with a little (or different) perspective our burdens can made light. This book is truly an inspiration to all of us, regardless of background or circumstances. Although, I was puzzled over who or what Jones was I realized that in the end it didn’t matter. People can be an answer to our prayers; it is not up to us to questions how, but why. There is plenty of great advice to glean from this uplifting and enriching novel.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Backpack Battles Bee

Friday Night we were outside and Backpack was on Travis' shoulders. Suddenly he starts screaming and I see a bumble bee fly off his face and onto his ear. I knock the bee off his ear and Travis rushes him inside. (Coincidentally, I had a newspaper rolled up in my hand already) We applied a cold cloth to his face under his eye where there was swelling. Travis wiped him with a sting relief wipe and then put him in a cool bath. It was chaotic trying to find the 24 hour nurse help line. Finally we got though to a doctor that told Travis he did all the right things. Since Backpack wasn't having trouble breathing the doctor said he should be okay. He woke up twice that night throwing up. Which may or may not be related to the trauma of the sting. We figure he must have seen the bee and grabbed it or swatted at it. The bee stung him on the hand then attacked his face and ear. Thankfully he is okay! This morning his eye was almost swollen shut, but by this evening his ear is back to normal and we can see his eye. His hand is still puffy. Here you can see how bad his ear was.
Other than that we had an uneventful weekend, despite the holiday. Travis took us to Chinese food for lunch on Friday. Today was the Pancake Breakfast at the church. Travis left to cook at 6:15am and we arrived almost 2 hours late. But we still ate. I promised the kids doughnuts, so we went to Tim Horton's afterwards (which are still in the box). The last few days Trouble had been complaining about his stomach and not eating well. Finally today, while driving home from the breakfast (after a stop at our favorite thrift store) he threw up all over the van. He gained some color back in his face after that! So we went home, cleaned the van, and stuck in a movie (The Incredible Mr. Limpet). Then as we were getting ready to attend a BBQ, Backpack threw up! Honestly, we just couldn't win today. So we called it a day and put the kids to bed, folded laundry, and watched Avatar. So Happy Freakin' 4th of July.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Kelly Etsy

Kelly has opened up an Etsy Store. She has lots of great eco-friendly products sure to make your baby feel loved! I have one of her cloth swim diapers. So go check it out! And check often! This is her business card. Click her business card on the sidebar and you'll be taken to her store.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Backpack, the stairmaster!

The other day I was upstairs and suddenly hear, "How did you get up there?" from Trouble, then some giggling from Backpack. I look down the stairs to find Backpack slowly climbing his way up! Backpack has been successfully crawling for about a week. We've never prohibited our kids from the stairs. In fact Trouble could climb up before he could crawl. So he'd get to the top of the stairs and cry for someone to get him because he couldn't go anywhere!

Anyway, I yelled for Travis to get the camera and we filmed his first ascent. Now I really have to watch him because stairs have become his favorite past time, besides following me around!

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