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Monday, July 13, 2009


Friday on our trip to see Kelly we went to Palmyra. We traveled less than two hours. First stop was the Joseph Smith Farm. This is the log cabin that the family built. One large room with a smaller bedroom off to the right side. Later was added on a nursery on the back of the bedroom. The main room was the kitchen/dining room/living room. And I complain about our house!!Upstairs is where the kids slept. The two girls in their own room behind the door and the boys (3 in each bed) in the large area. This is the bed Joseph slept in when he saw Angel Moroni.Later Alvin (Joseph's older brother) build the family a frame house. This is the living area. I liked the painted rug. This rug is a replica of the one that Mother Smith would've painted to beautify the house. See the little potty chair!! There was a considerable amount of room in this house. On the main floor was a living room, bedroom, pantry, kitchen, dining area and master bedroom. A cellar for the food and upstairs more bedroom. The Smith Farm now straddles two different counties, so we could not go upstairs in this house.
The kitchen and dining area. Through the open door you can see is the 'Master' bedroom.

Outside the frame house with the Sister Missionary that guided us through the houses.

We also went through the barn and wood shop. We were anxious to see the Sacred Grove, so we didn't look around there much.
This picture shows how the fences were build. A sign near this fence talks about how Joseph collapses in fatigue trying to climb the fence the morning after his visits with Angel Moroni.

The Sacred Grove is everything you'd think it would be. The singing birds, the calm, the peaceful feeling. It was beautiful! Need I say more:

We then drove over to the Palmyra Temple and looked around.

We then went into town to Grandin's Print Shop where the first copies of the Book of Mormon were printed. It was a fascinating tour. Backpack was very grumpy, so I didn't take in much.
But the kids got to fold up some replica pages of the first printing of the Book of Mormon. We didn't know, but most books were paper bound. But Joseph Smith was instructed to have the Book of Mormon leather bound, so people would know its worth.

Next we drove up to The Martin Harris Farm. Currently there are missionaries living in the house, so there isn't a tour. We took a picture and went on our merry way.

Our last stop was The Hill Cumorah Visitors Center. First we were led into a room with a giant statue of Christ. While we sat listening the presentation, Backpack kept reaching up to Christ, opening a closing his little hands and grunting like, "Pick me up". We had a good chuckle from that. Another room had many of the originals of famous painting we use in Church. And there was also a round table full of copies the Book of Mormon in all the different languages.

This was our favorite display. Showing Christ with the people in New Testament times and with the people on the American Continent. Showing the the Book of Mormon is another Testament of Christ, adding to the Bible.
Then we went out to Hill Cumorah. Also the place of the pageant.

We did stay an hour or so longer while Travis helped some ladies unlock their car. Always a ladies man :-) It was a trip worth making!


Cynthia said...

Wow! Great report!
I am a bit confused, though. The Smith frame home is in 2 counties, so that's why you couldn't go upstairs? So if I build a 2 story home on the county line, would I be able to go upstairs? :-) Just curious...

Nay said...

The actual farm is in two counties, that is why we could go upstairs in the log house, but not in the frame house. Different safety laws reguarding historical buildings. Good question!

Jen and Allen said...

Oh I so want to go some day... You will have to give me tips of what and where to go.

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