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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crafty Moi

I really do like to do crafty things, but find that my time is limited. I also tend to lose motivation because I'm not really that great at doing crafty thing. The problem I run into is that I get way too absorbed into my project and everything else gets put on the back burner like, lets say, the house. Honestly, how do you go from a clean house when you wake up to looking like you had your own tornado go through at the end of the day? Its called Mama-is-busy syndrome. But every night I dutifully clean, just to have it happen all over again, until said project is over. So here are my projects, and I will the packing away the sewing machine and craft boxes until Thanksgiving (for sanity and temptation purposes)! Perhaps crafts are to women as video games are to men?!?
The kids wanted Hobby Horses. So Travis told me that his mom made their family hobby horses, so he was sure I could do the same. He said, "Lets do it for FHE!" HA! Lori did confirm that she did make them, but it took more than a few hours. It took me three days to make three. I watched a how-to video on the Internet.Backpack's Hobby horse (I picked out everything for it):
Dynomite's Horse (She picked out the fabric): Trouble's Horse (He picked out the fabric and ribbon):

For Super Saturday I kind of volunteered to teach how to make beaded socks. Since I've never made beaded socks I thought I'd better try! I looked online and at the one's Nikki and Candace have given me and was able to figure it out. Dynomite is excited and I think I have arthritis. Unfortunately, I need these for a display so I only have one done for each pair :-) If you have any tips on making these or on how to teach this, I'd love to know!!!

The first pair have 4 pastel colors, the second pair have Christmas colors (with some pink thrown in by accident, I was sorting beads in not so good light and they looked red), the third pair have two colors but I alternated the number of chains (6chains on purple, 10 chains on white), the last pair are just white. All are tri-beads.

Lastly, I tried my hand at making a hooded towel. I have three myself. A regular one from Rebecca N. for Trouble, a duckie one from Nikki for Dynomite, and a doggie one from Bernadette for Backpack. So when I have another baby I had best to find a friend who'll gift me one, or learn to make them on my own! This was a compilation of all three. Someday I'll get REALLY creative and make them into an animal of some sort. This one is a gift. Hopefully it won't fall apart the first time she uses it


Jenny said...

Great job on all the craftiness! Chad always knows when I've been working on a project:) Heres to you Crafty Mama!



Mike and Jen said...

Wow!! Those all look so great! I am super impressed with your crafting skills.

Kelly said...

Hahaha! The crafying bug has bit you! Just wait until I get started making Peanut Butter's (she wanted an alias too) felt food set. I am going to try to make one felt food item a week until Christmas, and she will have a whole set to play with. You'll want to join the fun :-)

Cynthia said...

I love the word "moi!" That's great! I have to say that I love the towel "model" with the arms sticking out! He, he. I'm excited to make some socks like that at Super Saturday. :-) Bravo on all your craftiness!

Nikki said...

WOW! I can't wait to try to make hobby horses! They look great. I'm sure the kids love them.

You did a great job on the socks. And as soon as I get a padded envelope I'm going to send Dynomite's socks I finished for her some time ago. lol

And your hooded towel looks great. I like the you used a different color for the hood. It's so classy looking!

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