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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Backpack Eats

We've started Backpack on solids a few weeks ago. He loves it! We stared him on veggies and just recently started giving him fruits. We mix the solids with oatmeal cereal. He eats about 5oz. a night plus ceral for breakfast. The best part is that he's been sleeping 7-10 hours at night.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


My dad is moving to WI from OR so on the drive out he dropped off all the stuff I had at home like toys and books. I had boxed most things up when I left for college. Then a few years ago Travis and I went through it all again and purged. Anyway after they (he traveled with Aunt Donna and Aaron) left I started digging around. Ta da! I found my old Nintendo. Good times, Good times...
(Travis is playing while I'm writing and you can see my old cabbage patch doll on the floor with one of several tubs of books and very strange memorabilia)

It was great to see Aunt Donna and Aaron. It had been ages. The last time Aunt Donna was out here Trouble was just a baby, so she was impressed with Travis' house projects. They got in late Thursday night, spent all day Friday, then tried to leave Saturday morning but the moving truck couldn't start because it was so cold. They still can't understand why anyone would want to live in this weather. Our sentiments exactly :-) Thanks for stuff, dad!!

Threes company

We woke up the other morning to Backpack screaming. What's wrong little baby? Unwanted company?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Clothes Trouble updated

I found the picture I was looking for. See old post below.

I didn't like that bumper anyway!

I guess our van has a thing for big black trucks (can you really blame her). She went to kiss one (with a little help from Travis) and was seriously rejected. Poor thing, it really broke her poor bumper. She has been broken up about it since then. Healing takes time. To Travis: you really need to work on your matchmaking skills.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Clothes Trouble

Trouble has been going through this weird clothing faze. He either changes his clothes several times throughout the day or puts on as much as he can. I don't mind either because he never actually wears anything long enough to get dirty. However, if he does get one little speck of food or something 'dirty' on him he changes right away so then the laundry increases. Here is a good picture of him wearing about 8 layers:He looked all bulked up.
Anyway, today he decided to dress Dynomite...in his clothes!! It wasn't until after I took this picture when I changed her diaper that I saw that he also put his underwear on her over her diaper. What a good big brother :-) Hee Hee she is so cute!! (she is also holding a car, just like brother)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


TRAVIS FINISHED THE SIDING!!! YIPPEE! and it was only -10F. Jubilation!

Do as I say, or I'll bite!

Conversation before bedtime:
Parents: Go get your jammies on!
Trouble: But my jammies are wet.
Parents: How did your jammies get wet?
Trouble: Mom, they wouldn't do what I told them!
Parents: So, what do you mean they wouldn't do what you told them?
Trouble: When I was trying to take them off, they wouldn't do what I told them, so I bited them.
Parents: So is that how they got wet?
Trouble: Yep, that is how they got wet...I bited them...
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