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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Clothes Trouble

Trouble has been going through this weird clothing faze. He either changes his clothes several times throughout the day or puts on as much as he can. I don't mind either because he never actually wears anything long enough to get dirty. However, if he does get one little speck of food or something 'dirty' on him he changes right away so then the laundry increases. Here is a good picture of him wearing about 8 layers:He looked all bulked up.
Anyway, today he decided to dress Dynomite...in his clothes!! It wasn't until after I took this picture when I changed her diaper that I saw that he also put his underwear on her over her diaper. What a good big brother :-) Hee Hee she is so cute!! (she is also holding a car, just like brother)


Mike and Jen said...

That's awesome. I think every girl needs a big brother!

Nikki said...

ADORABLE pic! and that is so stinking funny. I love that he dressed her. The things kids do are just so funny.

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