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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Do as I say, or I'll bite!

Conversation before bedtime:
Parents: Go get your jammies on!
Trouble: But my jammies are wet.
Parents: How did your jammies get wet?
Trouble: Mom, they wouldn't do what I told them!
Parents: So, what do you mean they wouldn't do what you told them?
Trouble: When I was trying to take them off, they wouldn't do what I told them, so I bited them.
Parents: So is that how they got wet?
Trouble: Yep, that is how they got wet...I bited them...


Kate the Great said...

Wow it seems like its been forever since we've heard from you guys. I am glad you added me on facebook.

Your family is so lovely and it looks like you guys are doing great...

Hope you don't mind if I keep a running peek at your blog.

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