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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

About Us!

We are a crazy family of six. We love to be outdoors, travel and go on wild adventures. This is a glimpse into the life that we lead. We treat this blog as our family scrapbook.

For security reasons we have given each of our children a blog name: Trouble, Dynomite, Backpack and Aussie. While we love and encourage comments, we ask that you use their alias when referring to them. We also try to leave out other people's last names, children's names, and home locations as a sign of respect to them.

He is a man of many talents! This man cannot sit still for 2 seconds. He is the mastermind behind all our adventures, whether he is present or not. He loves to tell a good story, so that often dictates our lives. Travis is a hard worker but loves to play. He expects much from his family but is also compassionate and understanding. Many people can vouch that he is the luckiest guy around! Travis loves the outdoors, making people smile, and Calvin and Hobbes.

She's a stay at home mom and homeschools. She finds great joy in that, but also knows the strain. She's a lifetime member of Girl Scouts because she believes in the program that gives girls the confidence that they need to survive the real world. She finds never ending support in church from her other 'sisters' and in MOPS. She loves carbs, google, books and her husband.


This boy is incredible! He makes us laugh with his antics. He is this 16 year old lost in a 7 year old body. His blog name is from Kelly. When he was a baby Kelly called him Trouble and it stuck. He loves school! When Travis blessed him as a baby he said that Trouble would be a good friend to everybody. That is very true. He loves knock-knock jokes, his stuffed turtle named 'Snot-nose', and playing games.

She is a true princess. She has this very unique beauty that we just cannot get enough of. She almost has a double personality, she comes off sweet, charming, and delicate but can be fiercely independent,demanding, and rough. This was first evident when she started talking. Sometimes she would say 'Mama' all high pitched and cute or she'd say 'Mama' low pitched and gravelly sounding. Her initials are TNT, so her blog name is Dynomite (spelled wrong on purpose) She loves climbing, to dance, and mud.

From the first day we met him, we had no idea what to do with this boy! He is our bi-polar baby (not really)! He is either really happy or screaming. When he smiles he lights up the whole room and you forget that 10 seconds ago you were pulling out your hair. He loves his mommy! The other two love Daddy, but this one is a mama's boy! Trouble called him Backpack while he was in the womb, because he liked Dora the Explorer and we didn't know if he was a boy or girl. So now it is his blog name. Backpack loves to play, water, and being outside.


Aussie has been a blessing to us. A fun loving, happy, little fellow. He is just one the gang as he tries to outrun his older siblings, get tackled often, and gets up for some more. He loves to mimic the rest of the gang from laughing to pouting. How did he get his blog name?? Lets just say that approximately 9 months before he was born, were we taking a 2nd honeymoon to Australia! He is our kid from the 'down under'. Aussie loves to laugh, wiggle his tongue, and give hugs!


Luckily we have been blessed with very smart children. They love books to read, to look at, and to eat! We are constantly blown away by what they do and accomplish everyday. They truly are a joy to have them in our lives. We are not the most patient parents, but we try to be. We do believe in living everyday to its fullest. Maybe to the extent of being crazy!!


Anonymous said...

Hiya Gwenny....lol It's Rod & Kathie from Portland...Got your yearly update and glad your life is going well...You were always a pleasure and a joy and looks like you gave it to your family...All is well here and added your page so will check in sometimes..
Merry Christmas to you all..

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