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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Disneyland Resort

We flew to Yaya's house in Alameda, CA. The flight was 7hrs with two layovers, but stayed on the plane both times. Even though that made a long flight, it was nice to not have to wrangle the kids, a car seat, a double stroller and 7 carryons on and off the plane.

We got to Yaya's house and met her neighbors in the front house. On the lot there are two houses. Mom lives in the back house and her friends live in the front house. They are a hoot and they take great care of Mom. I call it communal living because everyone (including the daughter that doesn't live at home anymore) roam freely between the two houses sharing food, space, appliances, and good conversation. It was all very relaxing and you never felt alone.

We left for Disneyland after church on Sunday. It was a 7 hr drive with the kiddos. After the 3rd stop it was getting dark and we were anxious to get the the hotel. Soon after we left the gas station Trouble announced that he had to go pee. There really wasn't a good place to pull over so he went into a soda fountain drink cup! He did well, not a drop was misplaced!!

We arrived at the hotel exhausted...Yaya from driving, me from dealing with the kids and having a heart attack watching Mom drive in LA traffic.

We got rested for the night and started our adventure the next morning in Disneyland. So the rest on the story is all three days melted together. Basically each day we left the hotel in the morning between 10:30 & 11am arrive back each night between 11pm and midnight. The kids were troopers. As long as they were fed they were very content!

The first order of business was to eat breakfast, pack lunches, pack what we needed to get through the day without returning to the hotel room. We left and caught the shuttle bus around 11am. Then we arrive:

First we went to Disneyland. Mom's job often sends her down there for meeting so she's become familiar with the park. When we finally got in we rushed over to get FastPasses for a ride and Backpack had already fallen asleep: As we waited in line at one ride they had a Star Wars show and kids from the audience got to fight Darth Vader:

Everyone's excited!!

We were desperately trying to entertain ourselves and the little one while waiting in line. Here is a picture of myself, Mom and Aunt Candy each catching candy thrown into the air by our mouths. Its a talent we all share :-)

Trouble's favorite part of the whole experience was riding the train around the park and entering the "Grand Canyon" and going back in time to see dinosaurs!
Here is a picture of the main station:

We took the train to Toon Town:
Toon Town was fun for them. We'd already had been on a ton of rides with lines that made even the most patient person delirious. We got FastPasses for the bigger rides. They even has Swap passes. Two people would hang out with Backpack and when everyone else returned from the ride they'd get a swap pass so the two that hung out could got directly to the front of the line and get on right away. It worked out very well. Anyway, Toon Town was fun because they could walk around and go in Mickey and Minnie's houses. Trouble loves houses. He love to go in them and see what is hiding inside. This was also great for me. I got to sit and relax.

You can do it:
Also on our adventure were my cousins Beau and Jessica. Here is Beau trying the dumbbells as well: An overview of Toon Town:

While the kids explored Toon Town and the houses I waited by a fountain with Backpack. It was a blistering hot day. I put Backpack legs in the fountain to cool him off.

The kiddos inside Mickey's house:

By this time, late afternoon, the kids were tired. Dynomite was so tired she went to sleep without her 'sucky' blanket, that is a rare occurrence. We couldn't risk bringing it to the park to lose, its her lovey. Mom waited outside while my cousins and I went on a ride. We had Fastpasses and we used the SwapPass to get Mom and Aunt Candy on later.

There is a kids rain forest walk that Trouble went in:

After dinner Yaya bought the kids Disneyland hats. Now you can assemble the hats anyway you please or buy one already done. Trouble opted for a blue glittery hat with American Flag ears. Dynomite wanted a princess had complete with veil and crown. We saw Mickey and Minnie outside the shop, but this is as close as we got to them. The line closed before we got out of the shop.

Beau got a Goofy pirate head covering and Jessica a Minnie Mouse had with a bow.

After that we went to Downtown Disney (outside of Disneyland) and browsed the shops. Including Yaya's favorite place called Little MissMatched. Trouble was really excited about the socks. They come in sets of three instead of two. In his set one sock has blue airplanes on a green background, another had green airplanes on a blue background and the last has blue and green stripes. Mom talked me into a pair of black, white and red flip-flops. I read a brochure, it is all very scientific :-)We made it back to the entrance to watch the fireworks. The kids were mesmerized. We made it back to the hotel about 11:30pm that night.

Now day #2. We got a later start than we hoped, but packed up what we needed with a cooler this time. We spend a lot of money on water because it was so hot! We met up with Uncle Mike. He lives a few hours drive from LA. It was was good to see him. I saw him last when Trouble was barely one. Do you see what he is wearing? We are all dying of heat and he doesn't feel a thing! I guess you can get use to it! He had on his Camelback, a very smart item to bring. We also met up with a daughter, Britney, of a lady that use to work with Mom. She has a season pass and her Dad use to work there so she knew practically all there was to know about Disneyland.
This day we went to California Adventure. Outside of the Bugs Life theater was a water play place. Again, it was a scorcher of a day so the kids appreciated the cool water jetting out of the tubes and from the ground.

We got our fill of the water before being practically thrown out for letting Backpack crawl around without his shoes on. Hello, he's a baby...he doesn't have shoes!!

I snuck off with my cousins and Uncle Mike and Britney to ride California Screamin' . We rode twice, I was feeling a little shaky at the end. Mom took the kids to the Bugs Life theater. I guess Trouble had a tough time watching. First, he isn't fond of anything that isn't 100% happy or 3D (so we found out here!)

I like this side of the park because of the scenery and replicated landmarks. The designers truly captured the essence of California.

The state animal, the Grizzly Bear:

The Tar Pits:The Radiant Sun:

Hollywood:And the half eaten Orange. I guess no one took a picture of that. But there is a halfway constructed Orange on the midway...go figure!

The Boardwalk and Midway (CA seems to have a lot of them!):

So next we went to a new ride that I haven't been on before called The Hollywood Tower. It was way freaky! We were strapped to seats in an elevator that plunged down and up the tower. Freaky, but fun!

Way cute picture of Backpack waiting again, for us to return. We did convince Yaya to go on this one.Later that night we rode the ferris wheel. Uncle Mike really knows his California geography, so he was able to point out everything we could see beyond the borders of the park. We went Soarin' over California. That is an awsome ride! By far one of my favorite ride I've ever been on. Basically you are strapped in chairs that rise up forward into a giant dome blue screen. You are literally flying over the California landscape complete with wind, sounds and smells. After that we ate dinner and headed back over to the Midway to play games and ride more rides. The kids and I watched 'The Electrical Parade'. It was all 'light up things' (in the words of Trouble!) After the parade, we were all herded out of the park in time to watch the fireworks. Again we got to the hotel well past bedtime!

Day 3! Now everyone is a wee bit tired but we trudge on know it is time to meet some princesses!!
We were in line for the Finding Nemo ride. When we got to the front, about to board a sub Trouble announced he had to go pee (yes, a common theme throughout the trip). I rushed him to a bathroom and the line attendant was kind enough to give all of us our place back in line.
Yaya up to her usual nutty self:
This time we hit the kid section. I really don't remember the names of all the rides or sections of the park. This is Storybook Land water canal boats:
Donalds Boat ride:

This is the Dumbo ride: As we got off the ride, guess who was there!! The Wicked Witch. She really did a stellar job! I mean, she didn't even crack a smile when my cute little one went for her audograph. I think Dynomite was even a little afraid of her!!

Next we went to the Princesses. Before you got a schedule of where they'd be and when, so you'd have to hunt them down. Now there is a Princess Place where they gather. And after waiting in line for OVER AN HOUR we found out that only three were behind the walls. (It varies who and how many throughout the day). Here I am relaxing with Backpack sleeping. Our best investment was this battery powered fan attached to a bottle and squired water. As we walk along the park trouble would squirt people, but since it was so hot they loved it!! I got Dynomite an autograph book, a bubble gun, and a sucker to keep her occupied while waiting in line with Yaya and Jessica. Aunt Candy, thankfully took Beau and Trouble with her on a few rides. With Ariel:

With Belle:
With Jasmine: She was the most excited to see Jasmine. I'm not sure why because we don't read Aladin as much as the other stories, but maybe more so than Belle and Ariel. Anyway, she was in such awe that Jasmine had to offer her a hug before she'd move. But then she was excited!
This day we got to go on Space Mountain. My other favorite ride. They did change the ride to where you can see wereas before you were in pitch black.

I can't remembere if this was day one or three but we tried to do "Honey, I shrunk the Audiance." But I had to take Trouble out right before the end, stepping on toes on the way! Again with the 3D being the culpruit. But upon exiting, he did get a "1st visit" button that he was very proud of.

Here is a picture of Yaya with her brother, Uncle Mike, and her sister, Aunt Candy:
These are light-up Mickey Mouse ballons inside a larger transparent ballon. They were ONLY $7 a piece. A picture sufficed!
This night before dinner Mom took Backpack, Dynomite, and Jessica over to the Rain Forest Cafe to get reservations. Beau, Trouble, and I went to the ride that was like a flight simulator. We were two-thirds through when Trouble announced he had to go pee! So there I was dragging everyone one to the bathroom! We did make it on the ride and caught up with Aunt Candy. We then decided to go on the new (new to us!) Buzz Lightyear ride, even though that would make us really late for dinner :-) It was a blast...literally. As you rode you had lazer guns to blast all the aliens with.
Dinner was great and since everyone felt refueled we stayed for the fireworks again that night.

The trip was well done because we'd all been there before so we weren't rushing the kids around to do all the bigger kid/adult rides. We were able to do all the kids things and still not feel like we missed out. Also it was a huge help to go with other adults that could go get FastPasses and use SwapPasses so everyone got on the rides in a decent amount of time. And that could step out of line to get water or food, take Trouble pee, and hold tired little ones.

The next day we packed up and hit Downtown Disney one last time. Yaya needed to get Backpack Build-A-Bear. She has one for each of the kiddos and other various family members. The kids like playing with them, so she counts it worth all the work to make one :-)
First, you find the shell of the animal. Backpack's is a dog (Dynomite has a monkey, Trouble has a bear, I have a cow, Travis has a bear)
Then you kiss a fabric heart, make a wish, and put it in the animal shell. A worker uses this machine and stuffs it. She then ties up the back.
Dynomite is giving the puppy a bath.
After a bath, you make up a birth certificate and find it some clothes. For the kid's animals I've given Mom something they'd wore as a baby. Trouble's has an outfit given to us by the Boones and Dynomite's has a dress brought by Grammy.
So then we made our trek back north. It was relatively smooth, since we were riding in this car:

Thanks McQueen for the lift home!! ~We wish!

Here is a list of what we did at Disneyland Resort:

Disneyland® Park Attractions
Autopia, presented by Chevron
Tarzan's Treehouse™
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Indiana Jones™ Adventure
Matterhorn Bobsleds
Space Mountain
Splash Mountain
Star Tours
Disney Princess Fantasy Faire
Mickey's House and Meet Mickey
Minnie's House
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
"Honey, I Shrunk the Audience," presented by Kodak
Jungle Cruise
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Pirates of the Caribbean
Alice in Wonderland
Casey Jr. Circus Train
Chip 'n Dale Treehouse
Donald's Boat
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
"it's a small world"
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Storybook Land Canal Boats
Disneyland® Monorail
Disneyland® Railroad - Main Street, U.S.A.
Disneyland® Railroad - New Orleans Square
Disneyland® Railroad - Tomorrowland
Disneyland® Railroad - Mickey's Toontown

Disney's California Adventure® Park Attractions
Games of the Boardwalk
California Screamin'
Grizzly River Run
Mulholland Madness, presented by Alamo
Soarin' Over California
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™
It's Tough to Be a Bug!
Flik's Flyers
Francis' Ladybug Boogie
Heimlich's Chew Chew Train
Jumpin' Jellyfish
King Triton's Carousel
Princess Dot Puddle Park
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail


Shelly said...

WOW! Disney is so fun! I remember feeling pretty woozzy after scramin too. Glad you had a good time!

Jen and Allen said...

Holy COW!! are you dead after all that. I could do it as a teen or even now but with kids in tow miss ya and take me next time. I will be good I promise.

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