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Monday, October 26, 2009

Mom's Night at Pre-school

Trouble did not have school today because tonight he and I went to Mothers Day at his pre-school.
The teachers had 3 craft projects set out along with play dough, the sand table, snack and all the other toys the kids play with before school starts.

First Trouble painted a gourd purple and we glued on blue squiggly eyes. He wanted a mouth, so we asked for some yarn. The teacher brought out some orange yarn. We later noticed that more than just us used the yarn.

Next Trouble used a technique called marble painting to paint his maple leaf. He put his paper leaf in a box, dabbed on different colors of paint, then put large marbles in the box. As he shifted the box the marbles made patterns in the paint. To finish it off he added a touch of glitter.

We played play dough while we waited to do the candy corn magnet. For this craft I traced around the templates onto foam and Trouble cut out the pieces, glued everything thing together, and added a magnet and eyes.

Next we had snack with our friends, Laura and her daughter Elizabeth, and played cars. I meet Trouble's friend, Brooklyn. She is a very nice girl that he likes to play with. Although, I found out that they like to hide by the little kitchen during clean-up time!! They don't make a sound so they won't be caught!!

The teacher rang her bell signaling clean-up time. We then we gathered around for rug time. For rug time they sing all kinds of songs, do the Pledge of Alliance, read a bible story, sing more songs and read other stories. That was the end of Mom's Night at Pre-school.

I have been impressed with the teachers at this school, there are two for his class of 20. They are organized, patient, creative, and full of love for the kids. On day one they told us that the kids will have so much fun that they won't even know they are learning. I felt that was important. They will have many years spent sitting behind a desk, so why start now! Why not have fun and play and just be kids.


Melissa said...

Sounds like fun! I work in a school. Trust me, there will be plenty of time to sit behind a desk in the future. Preschool should be fun. :)

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