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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dynomite The Dancer

Our little dancer: She was very excited to start dance class. She figured if brother was going to school, so was she! Actually, she isn't even old enough to be in the class. I called and got permission because she'll be 3 in a few weeks. The teacher, Sammie Sue, is incredible. She is extremely patient with the girls. She's been teaching since she was 16 and for 35+ years! After each class the girls curtsy and say,"Au voir". She has papers for them that say what they did and a sticker.

This is Dynomite at her first class: (She's in pink and I'm peaking through the door)

The next week Trouble asked if she was going back and she said, "No, I already know how to dance." Trouble told her that princesses need dancing class and she informed him that princesses already knew how to dance. We convinced her that princesses had to take classes, just like her. So she decided to go back.

As parents we are asked to step outside and close the door for class. We did not argue. We are way too much of a distraction, as demonstrated at the last class.

Travis had the day off yesterday, so he wanted to go to Dynomite's class. Since that was the last class of that section the teacher allowed us to watch.

Travis took the pictures. Since the girls are facing away from us, Travis is using the mirror to take pictures. First, they started with warm-ups:

This happy face next to her belongs to a little lady in Dynomite nursery's class at church. It's been great knowing her mom while we wait outside. Dynomite is always happy to see her in class!They continue their warm ups after putting their mats away:

The shoes I bought her have little strings that tie. The teacher is tying one of her shoes for her:

Dynomite and her friend are waiting to go to the bar.
En Barre practice:

Distracted by Daddy taking pictures:

Dynomite is the smallest in the class. Most of the girls are at least 6months to a year older than her. That doesn't keep her from being the most vocal! She was a running commentary the whole time!! We were late to start with so the first thing she said was, "Did you guys miss me?". Then she was upset that a baby (maybe 18 months) was stepping on the dance floor. She literally death stared that baby down and repeated, "That baby cannot come up here!" She was easily distracted and toward the end the teacher just held her hand through each instruction. The teacher didn't seem to mind at all. She just kept on going like this was normal. We did ask her afterwards if everything was okay. She replied that she loves to teach, she understands the age, and that she always get the 'cream of the crop'. We believe that is because she is such a great teacher!
Here's to Dynomite, our narrative dancer!


Cynthia said...

Super cute! She looks like such a natural dancer! That is good that you all convinced her that princess' need dance classes too. :-)

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