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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Summer Visit Home Part 1 - Schedule

Yaya, for those who don't know, is my mom. She came out to visit at the end of July. I remember we had a great time. However, our time was consumed by getting ready to go to CA with her. She flew out to see the house and fly us back to CA. It was a whirlwind of a trip. She came to playgroup and impressed all the moms with her never ending energy, she watched the kiddos while Travis and I went out (a common thing when G-Parents come to visit), and we packed!

Travis was planning on going to Alaska this summer with his Dad, best friend Kyle, brother Troy, and brother-in-law Adam for 10 days (another future post). I certainly didn't want to be home alone. Plus I wanted to make it home for my 10 year high school reunion and to see friends and family in CA and OR. Here is how we did it all:

1) Mom flies to OH to see new home and kidnap the kids and I
2) July 30th we boarded a plane to fly to Oakland
3) Arrive at Yaya's new dwelling and relax a few days, go to church to meet ward friends, and get pedi & manicures
4) Spend three days at Disneyland
5) Wash laundry in time for a 3 day camping excursion at beach with Aunt and cousins & Santa Cruz
6) Visit to San Fransisco
7) Pedi/manicure and a wedding with people I don't even know
8) Six Flags
9) More laundry, barbecues, meeting new people, farmers markets, shopping, ect.
10) Leave Monday, August 17 to pick up Dad at his hotel (he flew into OAK from WI) and have breakfast with Cousin Nikki
11) Dad and I drive to see Aunt Bessie for a few days
12) Next a stop at sis and bro in-laws for a quick night
13) Finally in Portland to stay with Uncle Al and eat lunch with Cousin Becca
14) Friday spend day trying to get Travis to OR since he is crazy
15) Backpack's 1st birthday at Chuck E. Cheese with 35+ guests
16) High School reunion
17) Church and fly home with Travis

And that was our trip in a nutshell!! So our next few posts will be the in depth look of what we did with pictures!! --hey don't look so bored, this is the tech savvy slide show :-)


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