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Friday, October 9, 2009

Popcorn Festival

On September 12th we went to the annual Beavercreek Popcorn Festival. (There are so many festivals every weekend, that you actually have to pick and choose which to go to!!) We left our house and got there around 10:30am. We successfully maneuvered our way around to every single booth there. We did buy some kettle corn and got some free popcorn balls. The kids favorite part was the kids area where they played games, got candy and toys, and jumped on the bouncy castle. We also got an ID kit for each kid. The kits are great in case they ever go missing. They have the kid's pictures, finger prints, dental records, DNA sample, and other information.
The kids got to go in some fire trucks, tumble around on mats, spin wheels, get loads of free stuff and just have fun. We stayed for 2.5 hours!! Dynomite won a gift certificate for a pet grooming shop...yeah still haven't cashed in...
We forgot our camera, so no great pictures. We had a picture taken at one of the booths, but they lost. I guess the kids and Travis were so cute that someone swiped it for themselves!
The kids were excellent and we had a great time. Plus Travis is a huge popcorn fan! (The topic of next weeks Kitchen Tips Tuesday...yes, I will get one up!)
All in all a poppin' good day!!


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