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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trouble's First Day of Pre-School

On August 31st Trouble and Travis started their first day of school. For Trouble, this is something new! For Travis, not so much...

For Trouble's first day I fixed him whatever he wanted for breakfast. He wanted pancakes, cereal and pears. This is a picture of him looking happy, not disgusted... I think he was a little nervous.
Here they are ready to leave! Travis was able to take him to school the first month because he had 9 o'clock classes. I was very thankful. Now Travis has 8 o'clock classes, which means I have the privilege of taking him with the other two in tow. I cannot complain, this is what I signed up for when I became a mommy!
Here he is outside of his school.The long walk of no return, once you start school there is no going back. Just ask Travis, AFIT will be his second Masters.Trouble has several things to do each morning before he can play. First, he has to move his 'person' from the front door to another door. This tells the teacher who's there. Then he has to hang up his book bag (which comes home with him at the end of the day). Finally, he washes his hands. (There are names on all the 'people', but I took them out.)His classroom. I believe there is 20 kids in his class and 2 teachers.On his first day he found cars and someone to play with him!! That is a great sign that he'll do just fine.

Trouble goes to school MWF 8:30am-12pm. Each day that he comes home we go through his book bag and he tells me what he did that day. Kelly sent each of the kids a large scrapbook. So I've been gluing or stapling in his papers and journaling. I tried to do the same with Travis, but his math and engineering homework isn't nearly as pretty!

A few weeks ago he went on a field trip to Krogers! I was able to go with the class. We showed up and apparently Krogers forgot about us. So the manager talks and meanders through the store with 20 4-5 year olds and 10 3 year olds. We met most of the workers, he showed us the loading dock, and we got to hang out in the meat fridge, freezing, while one of the workers ground meat (very hygienic *rolling eyes*). We can't forget the deli lady showing them how to fry chicken. We even got to go behind the bakery counter and meet the ladies who were wearing gloves and hair nets. I wonder how many little hands touched all the delicious pastries. However, at the end each kid got a sack full of goodies tied to a balloon. Yes, a balloon they had to walk back to preschool with and NOT be a distraction. It was fun :-)

Trouble also got to participate in his first Show and Tell. He was a little nervous, but his teacher said he did great! He brought Snot-nose the turtle. He sleeps with it every night. Papa had bought a collection of stuffed sea animals from The Dollar Tree. When Trouble was a baby Papa refereed to him as TurtleMonkey. After we had received the animals in the mail I gave Trouble the turtle to sleep with. A piece of thread with two knots on it was used to mark the nose on the turtle. The next day we discovered that he had pulled out the thread, thus the name Snot-nose the turtle. Since then the thread has been completely removed.

We have been very happy with Trouble's experience thus far in school. I don't feel like they are pushing him or that he is bored. They do a variety of activities such as water and sand (I think they use confetti) play, painting, cutting, gluing, etc... I asked him what his favorite thing to do was and he said outside time. Typical, only in preschool and he already loves recess the best!

There is a girl in his class from church. One day I asked him about her. And he said, "There are girls in my class!?!"

Yeah for Preschool!!



be glad he didn't notice the girls. If he is anything like his daddy it won't be long before he pays lots of attention to them. LOL

Nay said...

You know my husband well!!

Cynthia said...

Ha, ha! That's Wesley too! "There are girls there? Who knew?"
Glad preschool is going well!

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