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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Goals in Life

In Minot I shopped at the commissary. It was worth the 20min drive to base. I always bought the off brand of Cheerios...Ralston Tasteeos. And each morning that we'd sit down to breakfast we'd read the back of the cereal box...over and over. So here it is:

So then one day Travis comes home and announces that he is on the list for refractive eye surgery in Colorado Springs and I thought, "Um, Garden of the Gods." So when we got to Colorado we made a point of going to Garden of the Gods. When we got home we sat down to eat breakfast, looked at the back of the cereal box and thought those are great goals!

We've already been to the Redwoods with my Aunt Donna and Uncle Richard, we had just gotten back from Colorado Springs, and this year we went to Niagara Falls. We have plans to go to Mammoth Cave.

So these are our goals in life!


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