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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Majestic Amazing Maze

On Saturday we held true to our promise to the kiddos to take them to a farm for pumpkins and a corn maze. We chose to go to Majestic Nursery & Gardens.They used GPS mapping to make this picture into their corn field:

Here we are starting our little adventure. Dynomite is in starting formation to put her hands on her hips to protest walking! We first followed the outline of the picture to get to an observation deck in the top right-hand corner of the maze.
The view from the deck:
We were grateful for a beautiful day. It was a bit chilly because a slight wind was blowing, but once we entered the maze the corn kept us at a comfortable temperature.
Throughout the maze was hidden 5 scarecrows. You needed to return to the start with a paper from each scarecrow to get a prize. We didn't want to bother with this 'treasure hunt' until we found scarecrow numbers 1,2, and 3. Then Travis' determination kicked in and we were on a mission to find 5 and 6.
Scarecrow#1 was easy to find:
As was #2:
#3 caught us by surprise:
#4 took some searching:
#5 was well hidden:Can you see #5 now? Mostly I liked Trouble's look of "Are we done yet?!?"
Jokes were written on each paper! Trouble loves jokes so this was exciting for him. He's even taken to memorize a few.
Dynomite's favorite thing was there too....MUD!!Our big prize was...mini pumpkins! or funny looking gourds:

Backpack wondering what this thing is:
He's still not sure, even with an explination from Dad:
We let the kids play for a bit. We thought the wood structures were neat. Backpack had a blast going down the slide. We thought Trouble would be all over this but we was focused on the bikes.
Backpack was really excited to pet a goat.

Giving Daddy kisses:

Another great adventure had by the Tubbs Family. Thank you Ohio for giving us Fall!!


Cynthia said...

Looks like fun! I love the jokes, too- hee, hee-

Jen and Allen said...

what happens if you get lost in the maze? I have never gone in becuase A... I have never been to one B... if I did go I think I would be afraid that I could not get back out.
Looks like tons of fun!

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