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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trunks of Treats

Saturday night we went to Trunks of Treats at Heartland of Beavercreek Nursing home. It was free for the kids to Trunk or Treat out of Corvette trunks, bounce in a pirate bouncy house, play games, and have treats. We trunk or treated first. They played two games: Duck pond and Ball toss. Got our picture taken, then they bounced around. We were only there for 45 mins, but they had fun. It was simple and not crowded. It was a bit cool, but we have plenty of cold weather gear.
I'm enjoying hot chocolate while the two older kiddos bounce around. See Oscar the Grouch behind me?Travis's dream is to build a 1968 black Stingray Corvette with Trouble while he's in High School. The goal is to have it finished his senior year so he can use it take his date to prom. While we were at the Trunks of Treats Travis told Trouble, "When you're in High School we'll build a car like this" referring to the Corvettes. Trouble said, "How about Preschool?" Guess he couldn't wait to get started!The kids went earlier in the day to a junk yard with Travis to find a part for his car. They got to see all the 'dead' cars, ride in a truck and get dirty. He saved over $100 on the part! Travis spend the rest of the day playing games with the kids and doing homework. The kids and I made our bi-weekly visit to Petsmart to get crickets. Then went to this event. We did stop by Goodwill on our way home. Travis can't resist a good deal. We came home with 2 games and books to add to our never ending collections!!


Jenny said...

Goodwill is a great thing to have nearby:) I get a lot of my clothes for refashioning there and stuff for the kiddos. Nice to know that other people enjoy their Goodwill trips as much as I do:)

Steph Herbert said...

Hey Nay,

Thanks for visiting me blog! I thought I would respond here. Hope that's ok. I'm not really sure where my ideas come from. I just start painting and it ends up where it does. I work with both 8"x10" canvas and 9"x12" acrylic paint ready paper. There are other sizes of canvas. Wood boards primed with gesso are also perfect for Mixed Media Collage art.

Your kids are adorable!

Cynthia said...

Beautiful corvette- I'm trying not to drool. Forget letting the kid drive it- Travis should take YOU out in it! Hee, hee.

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