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Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's your sleep number?

1 Very happy birthday girl to get a new memory foam mattress topper who has back problems
-1 Very unhappy husband who's had the worst week of sleep from said topper
= 0 Fun for everyone!

Travis has been complaining about his shoulder and back since he put on the 2.5 inch thick mattress topper. I, on the other hand, have never slept better and my back feels great!

For our date night on Friday we headed out to the Dayton Home and Garden show. He wasn't initially thrilled with that idea, but we ended up having a great time. One of the vendors was the Sleep Number bed. We went over and laid down. The salesman showed us how to adjust the bed to match our comfort level. Travis liked it at 100, me at 30! Yep, that is quite a difference.

We walked around the rest of the evening contemplating this 'investment'. There wasn't much talking, because Travis was so sore and I was not. We knew this bed was the answer to both our problems. And decided it was a go. It should be here in less than two weeks!! Travis said the stars were aligned that night, because if he wasn't in pain we wouldn't have even gotten near that exhibit!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Wow, I felt extra blessed on my birthday! So many people remembered my birthday. I try to not make a big deal out of it, but lets face it, I AM an only child. Growing up I've always had these crazy parties. But now that I'm older (29 years) its much more fun to throw parties for the kids than for me. Now I'm completely happy with not making dinner and a good book :-)

Monday night Travis surprised me with a Memory foam mattress topper and new fluffy pillows. I've had some complaints with my back. That night I slept heavenly! It was so comfortable. Unfortunately when I looked over at Travis in the morning, beaming, he didn't look so great. Haha, he likes a hard bed! Poor guy, the sacrifices he makes. Someday, when we're old and decrepit we'll probably have a Sleep Number bed :-)

Tuesday morning I went to MOPS and they surprised me with a some beautiful carnations. I love MOPS and feel blessed to work with such a wonderful group of moms on the steering team and socialize with many more uplifting women. Then as soon as we pulled into the driveway a delivery man from Edible Arrangements pulled up. Mom surprised me with an edible bouquet. I think we had half of it finished off before we got a chance to call and say thank you! Food and beauty combined equals one great present. On Monday I got a package from Japan. In California we had a Japanese Exchange student, Kanae, that still keeps in contact with us. She mailed me a really neat picture frame. I just love her gifts. She is pictured on the far left of the two girls (the one not covered by Mickey's ear). Isn't she pretty!
During lunch my cousin, Nikki, called. It was great to hear from her and see how she is doing. Afterwards the kiddos and I went visiting teaching and then met up with Travis at home. We loaded up in the van to have dinner at the mall. I didn't really feel like a restaurant and didn't want a sitter. So I had some Chinese food (or as Chinese as you can get at the mall) and after eating the kids played. We then drove to Trouble's swim lessons. It was fun to see Trouble in the water, floundering around enjoying himself. We were going for cheesecake afterwards, but the little ones needed to get to bed. Travis got me a slushy from Speedway. Its the closest thing to Slurpee's around here. When we got home I had yet another surprise from Cynthia. She got me my favorite cookies (fudge stripped shortbread) and Pink Grapefruit gentle foaming hand soap from Bath & Body works. It smells heavenly. And because its Cynthia and she's one of the funniest people I know, there is a joke associated with it. Sorry, its an inside joke. If you ask me, I might tell you :-)
Then that night Travis got me some books. Okay that sounds so boring, but its a series I've been waiting to dive into. I was excited.
We got the kids to bed and I had the evening to watch Women's figure skating, neglecting the house and the pile of laundry that needed to be done. Travis said I could do it tomorrow :-) While watching I logged onto Facebook and had an overwhelming amount of people wishing me a Happy Birthday. Okay, so its the Internet, but I still felt special :-) Then I talked with my dad who will be out next month for a visit!
It was a great day! Thank you to everyone who was apart of it!!
PS. Here, here to an elongated birthday! Today I got a box of Harry & David Chocolates from Lori and Dave. I love surprises, and this is some great chocolate!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wilbear Wright Bears

On Saturday we visited The Woodland Cemetery. Exciting, I know! Its all apart of the Aviation Trail in Dayton to get the Wilbear Wright bears for the kids.
Here is a picture of Wilbur and Orville Wright's grave. Since I'm a Erma Bombeck fan we drove past her grave and got a picture. The brochure says that "a 29,000 pound rock has become a monument for her grave." She was a newspaper columnist for the Dayton Daily News then went on to write books about life as a wife and mother. They're very interesting if you get a chance to pick one up.
Then we drove out to the home of the 1911 Wright "B" Flyer.
The brochure says, "The 1911 Wright "B" Flyer is a look-a-like of the world's first mass produced airplane. The original Wright "B" saw service with the U.S. Army and civilian enterprises."
This is a description of the small plane pictured below:

Unfortunately we didn't get to see the plane it was packed away in a trailer behind the hanger because it was being transported to San Antonio, TX for an air show. Here is a miniature model of it:
However, they do offer plane rides in the summer. For $100 they take you for a ride in the plane and then actually let you fly it. Travis is all excited. He'll for sure do it!

Those were the last two stops on our Wilbear Wright passport. So we stopped by the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center and turned in our passports for Wilbear Wright Bears!!
Some happy kids with their bears!
Goofy Trouble:
Aggressive Backpack:
Motherly Dynomite:
Random shots with the kids and their bears:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday night Travis and I went to the Boonshoft Museum for a Romantic Laser Light Show. We got a long stem red carnation and a sample of Esther Price chocolates. The show was about love stories in the constellations from different cultures. In between stories and music the audience played 'Battle of the Sexes'. Travis dragged me up to play. We were asked a boy and girl question. Travis got the question I was suppose to answer right, but not his and I didn't answer either question right! Oh, we still got three free passes to the museum. We already have season passes, but now we can take our family when they visit. It was a great night! Our sitter was even happy because the kids were in bed the whole time she was at our house!

On Sunday we attended church and celebrated when we got home. The kids made valentines for their primary class.

Our ever faithful friend Kelly made us awesome chocolate heart suckers and chocolate covered graham crackers and sent them to us. Dynomite was completely thrilled to have pink chocolate.

Yaya also sent us a v-day package. She sent a Hallmark book that recorded her voice reading each page. When she watched the kids for us in December she read Trouble this book about Clifford getting an award. Trouble said that he wanted an award too. So Yaya sent all the kids an award. Trouble got the Smarty Pants award, Dynomite for the Best Dancer, and Backpack for the Cutest Munckin Ever. We also got some See's candy. Yum!

Backpack brings me my first gift of a giant heart of assorted chocolates. The best valentine's present ever. Travis' favorite chocolate is Ferrero Rocher. He also got a chocolate fish that was in a box that said, "What a Catch!" I didn't really get it for the chocolate, but because Travis really is a good catch ;-). Trouble made Dad a valentine alien fishing and Dynomite made him a valentine heart card. We got the kids a baggie filled with stickers, pencils, candy, and new Clifford song CDs. They love listening to kid songs in the car, so now we can mix it up a bit. Travis wasn't all that happy about the amount of candy they got, but hey is a holiday!!! I can't resist. We ended up taking it away anyway. Its sitting with the Halloween candy in the laundry room. It makes appearances for good behavior and bribes.

You may be wondering about the quality of the photos. I hinted to Travis that it would be nice to have a smaller camera that I could keep in the diaper bag so I'd always have it with me. A few weeks ago he mentioned getting an underwater digital camera. I wasn't too excited about that idea because I just wanted something small, pink and cute (pink means he won't steal it...Hee Hee). So what did he surprise me with.... the underwater camera. Yeah, lets just say I don't hide my emotions well. He felt bad, but after we saw how the pictures turned out he had no problems taking it back. We decided to hold off on the camera idea.

I did also mention it would be nice to have a dustbuster so it would be easier to vacuum the van. Lets face it, it needs it everyday!! Travis scored a mini wet/dry shop vac that plugs into the car at Goodwill. It also inflates!

I married a good man. He listens well :-)

Happy Valentine's day!!

Snowy Days

Tuesday morning we woke up to this:

Even though most of the school districts were closed, Travis still had to report in for work. They did end up closing the base early at 11:30am. MOPS and Trouble's swim lessons were also canceled. So it was a good day to go outside to play and shovel.

Dynomite being a little helper:

She's so cute with her itty bitty shovel!

While Trouble plays...

He is pulling a hippity-hop ball through the snow with a jump rope. He was having a lot of fun with that.

One plays, one works. Trouble is by the snowman Travis and the kids attempted from an earlier snow storm. It looked like a grumpy old man.

I'd just like to note that in this picture Dynomite and I are shoveling while Trouble plays and Travis takes pictures :-)

While Travis shoveled our neighbors driveway the kids and I started a snowman. Travis came later to help finish and add the special touches.

Our neighbors popped over to play for a bit, too.

Trouble and Dad go down the hill behind our house. The little hill behind us is popular. We often get kid sliding down into the toys and BBQ in our backyard. Travis had started a fence this summer, but decided to not finish because he was looking forward to sliding down the hill. However, we never took out the polls. Travis did a great run down the hill, then up the kiddie slide. It would've been even better if I didn't mess up filming it :-)

Travis talked me into going down. Its pretty wimpy!

2010 Week #6: Starting off with a bit of an eruption

Monday morning we had our follow-up appointments for Dynomite and Backpack. The doctors said there is still fluid on their ears, but it looks better. We have to follow up in a month to determine if a hearing test is in order. We have noticed a difference in her hearing.

For FHE Travis and the kids sculpted a volcano.The eruption:
These are the FHE's you get when your parents are scientists :-)
The kids love marble works. I like to make the tracks. Marble works is a daily favorite. Backpack just likes to eat the marbles. Here is one of my favorites.Tuesday was a snow day, in a different post. Wednesday we just hung out and played a bit outside. It was another snow day. Trouble's school was cancelled and Travis went in late. That was Travis' fault because he was praying for a late opening so he didn't have to take the midterm he didn't study for.
Thursday I watched 5 extra kiddos. The kids were happy to have some playmates over. Later that night when Travis and Trouble were at swim lessons Backpack dumped practically a whole gallon on milk on our dining room carpet while I was in the bathroom. When I came out he was pointing to his cup. I think he felt bad, he just wanted a glass of milk! That night was, thankfully, book club. Its a good escape. We were there for 3 hours! We read "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortensen. It was a fantastic true story about one man making a difference in the Middle East by building schools.
Friday Trouble had his Valentine's party at school. We made 20 homemade valentines. He had to sign his name on each one, it only took a week :-) He had a great time and came home with good memories of his first valentine party. This night we had our swap and we watched Percy Jackson and Lightening Thief. It was much better than we thought.
Saturday and Sunday were fun. Those days are different posts.
To end the week, we have more pictures of Miss Dynomite in the bathroom. Saturday morning she got up to use the bathroom and wasn't quite awake. Travis snapped some pictures of her:
Sleepy girl:
So serious:
Her silly self!!
Finally waking up!

Hope you had a great week too!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

KKT: Multi Uses of Pam

Pam Non Stick Cooking Spray is used on a daily basis in my kitchen. In fact, it reminds me how important it is when it falls on me whenever I open the cookbook cupboard. So I wondered, for what else is this miracle in an aerosol used?

Then I found my answer at http://www.associatedcontent.com/:

20 Ideas for Use Around the House (click to follow to actual link)

FYI from the website: Just a 1.4 second spray of Pam equals one tablespoon of butter, canola oil or margarine, but the surprising fact is that this spray of Pam has only 1 gram of fat, compared to 14 grams of fat in the canola oil, 11.5 grams of fat in butter and 11 grams of fat in margarine. So for anyone who is health conscious, it seems the Pam non-stick cooking spray would be the way to go. Besides, it's all natural and doesn't have cholesterol or sodium.

Pam cooking spray is made with canola oil, grain alcohol that come from corn, soy bean lecithin that prevents it from sticking and a propellant. It doesn't contain any fluorocarbons because they were replaced with edible oils instead.

20 Uses For Pam Cooking Spray

Car Doors: Spray the rubber gaskets that surround the car door frame, and this will prevent water from seeping in and freezing the door closed. Pam will not harm the gasket.

Popcorn: If you like your air-popped popcorn with a little salt, try spraying it with Pam, then sprinkle lightly with salt.

A Snow Sled: Want your sled to go a faster downhill? Just spray the bottom with the non-stick spray. This method can also be used on your inner tube.

Cooking With Dough: Sounds funny I know. But if you don't want the dough to stick to the table, spray your working area on the table top with Pam.

Nail Polish: You probably won't believe until you try it. But spraying your nails after you polish them will speed up the drying time.

Dishwasher: This is for runners that have a tendency to stick. Just spray them and this will let them operate smoothly.

Your Shovel: If you're using your shovel in snow or dirt, if you spray it with Pam before using, the snow or dirt won't stick.. It will slide easily off the shovel.

Lawn Mower Blades: The same principle as the shovel. Spray the lawn mower blades with the non-stick cooking spray and the grass clippings won't stick.

Door Hinges: Just spray the hinges or any other hinges with Pam and this will get rid of the squeak.

Door Locks: If you've had trouble with you key sticking in the door lock, spray Pam into it and your key will slide it easily.

Roller Skate Wheels: Roller skate wheels, wagon wheels and bicycle chains that don't turn smoothly can be fixed by lubricating them with the non-stick cooking spray.

Broiler Pan: Before using your broiler pan, spray it with Pam first. This eliminates some of the sticking and allows for easier cleaning.

Refrigerator Freezer Or Deep Freezer: If you happen to still have the type refrigerator that needs defrosting, then when you defrost your freezer and get it all cleaned, spray it with Pam non-stick cooking spray. This will make your next defrosting job go easier.

Plastic Containers: When putting tomato sauces into a plastic container, try spraying the container first. This prevents the sauce from staining your container.

Cakes And Pies: Need to wrap your pie or cake, but you're afraid of the plastic wrap sticking? Then spray the wrap with Pam first, and it won't stick. I do the same when covering rolls while they're rising.

Grater: Spraying your grater before using it will allow whatever you're grating to come off easily, and it also makes cleaning the grater easier.

Windows: If you use the artificial snow on your windows for Christmas, try spraying them lightly with Pam first, then you can clean the windows much easier.

Cast Iron Skillet: These cast iron skillets and pots are nice to use, but they work better if you season them properly. After washing, rinsing and drying, spray the pot or skillet with the non-stick cooking spray, then wipe dry before storing.

Waffle Iron: Want your waffle to come out brown, pretty and in one piece? Try spraying the waffle iron with Pam before filling it with your batter, then your waffle won't stick.

Shower Door: You can clean soap scum off the shower door by spraying it first with Pam, then wiping it clean with a soft cloth.

On a side note: Read this Car Talk dialogue about an improper use for EVOO!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trouble's Preschool Adventures

We absolutely love Trouble's preschool. When we pick him up he tells us all the great things they did that day. Usually he begins with what they had for snack :-) Every holiday the teachers find a great way to celebrate. Trouble loves jigsaw puzzles, thinking puzzles (Rebus, I Spy, mazes), building (with Legos, blocks, marble works), coloring, painting, crafts, games, rhyming and learning to read. He's not so much into writing. His name is all over the place on his projects. The teacher told us that if she draws a box he stays inside of it. Oddly, he isn't fond of coloring books or lined paper or instructions or diagrams. He is an 'outside of the box' thinker. He'd rather have a blank piece of paper. When we pull out the marble works, he's more interested in making boomers or telephones than marble pathways. (Very opposite of me, he takes after Travis in this way!) We expect great things from this kid! We're glad we've found a place that fosters his free thinking, creative ways.

We also love that it is a Christian preschool. They sing songs about Jesus and learn bible stories. They're aren't teaching the concepts at this point. This is good because often Trouble tells Travis the story they learned and then Travis can then teach him the moral. This usually leads our dinnertime discussions.

So far they've had two different programs for the parents to attend.

This was the Thanksgiving program. I almost missed it because I was suppose to be at the airport picking up Papa. However, Travis and I were both able to attend. Of course we forgot the camera. A friend from our church had hers and snapped a few pictures for us. This picture is my friend's daughter with Trouble. Its nice that they can be in the same class together.Trouble during the program. They were the Native Americans. He was Shinning Sun. He picked his own name out.
For Christmas Grammy had to go in our place. Obviously they were angles here.
This might be a truer picture of what he doing :-)

Grammy took this video of the Christmas Program.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 Week #5: Winter Season renamed to Snotty-Nose Season

Triple blah to this dumb sick infested week! This the first time I've been down for the Winter and the 2nd time for the kids. I guess we could count our lucky stars that it's only been this bad considering all that is going around.
Monday morning Travis woke to find Dynomite on the bathroom floor. Apparently she stayed up playing with the bath toys and was too tired to find her way back?!? This was just an indicator of our week!
Monday was fine. We did the usual school, dance class, etc... For FHE we talked about chores. I then made two charts. One for the kiddos that they do everyday (beds, clothes, etc...) and one that rotates FHE duties and other chores. We haven't really implemented chores into our routine, so we'll see how it goes.
Tuesday morning I went to my MOPS steering team meeting. Backpack moans and whined through the whole meeting. At one point he feel asleep on my shoulder. After the meeting he didn't look so great and threw up his lunch. Luckily I had a doctor's appointment for Dynomite. I called the peds office to ask if I could have Backpack looked at too, because it was the same PCM for both kids. The Sergeant who answered tried to get me an appointment (they were booked solid), but told me the doctor is strict about following the rules. So Backpack would probably need an appointment to be seen later in the week. I told her I was bringing him anyway! In December Dynomite had been sick, but never fully recovered. We started to notice she wasn't responding when we talked to her. I assumed it was her selective 3 year old hearing. Travis thought it was something more serious. I explained to the doctor the she'd had this cold, never fully recovered, a week ago had a strange fever, a continual green snotty nose, etc... The doctor looked at her ears and told me they were quite red with fluid behind them. She never fully recovered because the infection never drained properly. She prescribed her antibiotics. After she was done talking about Dynomite I said, "Is it possible that they (pointing to Backpack) could have the same thing?" She said, "Let me take a look!" Viola! She said yes, and prescribed him antibiotics as well! They just wrote Backpack in as a walk in. Now I know what to do in the future. Thank goodness Dynomite had an appointment!!
Dynomite also has trouble with cracked, bleeding, dry hands. We got a prescription for Eucerine lotion and hydrocortizone cream. Every night we have to glob on the Eucerine (it has the consistency of Crisco), put hydrocorizone cream on top and stick some socks on her hands. She's not a big fan of that, but it works wonders!! After two days, her hands were healed. Now we do it for preventive measures. The lotion also works well for Backpack's face.
Wednesday and Thursday Backpack was pretty much sick and useless. I also was feeling horrible and had a headache for over a week at this point. I had to cancel on three people for babysitting. Babysitting would've been more fun!
Trouble also started his new 'real' swim lessons. His bad news was that he was the only boy :-) Travis got him a pair of goggles because he's proud of him for swimming so well.
On a strange note, I found a dead moth in the fridge! One of Travis' moths died, but he couldn't dissect it yet. So that is where it lived!
Trouble had a PJ party at school on Friday. He wore his PJs, brought popcorn (except he forgot to give it to his teacher so we ate it at home...that just might have been planned), took his stuffed bear and slippers. Snow was expected so I had to pick him up an hour early.
Indeed it did start to snow around 10:30am. So I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few essentials. While I was unloading the cart I noticed a pack of kids Yoplait yogurt by Backpack in the front. I checked my receipt and I did not pay for it! I decided to rectify it on Monday. We picked up Trouble and rented a few movies.
Backpack loved holding the moth. He cried whenever we took it away from him. He wasn't always so gentle!Trouble had no trouble getting up close and personal with it!
Dynomite was okay...
By the time Backpack demanded it back, she was ready!
At one point Backpack said butterfly! Can you see how droopy he looks!
Friday, after some debate, we decided to do our weekly swap after all. I disinfected the house (scrubbing bathrooms, door knobs, light switches, and the kitchen floor), turned off the heat, opened some windows and the front door, and turned on the fans. I also washed bedding and towels. I was determined to kick this germ outta here!! We had fun with the kids and were glad to get our kiddos some playmates for the evening. Afterwards we watched, "The Invention of Lying". It was...interesting, but we liked it!
Here are the kids playing Twister:

Saturday we woke to some snow. The kids aren't too fond of going out in the cold, but we try anyway! I think we were still too out of sorts to enjoy being outside. Trouble and Dynomite lasted all of 20 minutes. Backpack didn't make it past two seconds! Here he is all bundled up and crying :-( Maybe it's the purple boots...
Travis made a snow...something. It happened to look like a pouting old man. I wish I'd gotten a picture. Saturday I stayed up late getting ready for our next RS meeting in March and preparing for church in the morning, while Travis did homework.
Sunday morning I got a call from a friend to teach her class because her little guy was sick, then 10 minutes later I got a call from another friend to see if I'd sub in nursery for her because her kids weren't feeling well. The second caller wished she had called 10 minutes earlier :-) Primary was fun. Its been awhile since I've been in there.
Travis did eventually dissect one of his moths. He found out it was a girl. See the sea-greenish eggs?
Here is the body cavity:

Yes, so interesting *insert eyes rolling*

Here is to a much better next week!

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