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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snowy Days

Tuesday morning we woke up to this:

Even though most of the school districts were closed, Travis still had to report in for work. They did end up closing the base early at 11:30am. MOPS and Trouble's swim lessons were also canceled. So it was a good day to go outside to play and shovel.

Dynomite being a little helper:

She's so cute with her itty bitty shovel!

While Trouble plays...

He is pulling a hippity-hop ball through the snow with a jump rope. He was having a lot of fun with that.

One plays, one works. Trouble is by the snowman Travis and the kids attempted from an earlier snow storm. It looked like a grumpy old man.

I'd just like to note that in this picture Dynomite and I are shoveling while Trouble plays and Travis takes pictures :-)

While Travis shoveled our neighbors driveway the kids and I started a snowman. Travis came later to help finish and add the special touches.

Our neighbors popped over to play for a bit, too.

Trouble and Dad go down the hill behind our house. The little hill behind us is popular. We often get kid sliding down into the toys and BBQ in our backyard. Travis had started a fence this summer, but decided to not finish because he was looking forward to sliding down the hill. However, we never took out the polls. Travis did a great run down the hill, then up the kiddie slide. It would've been even better if I didn't mess up filming it :-)

Travis talked me into going down. Its pretty wimpy!


Kelly said...

Ha! I love the picture where Dynomite's little foot is up on the shovel. She's a determined little one!

Cynthia said...

The videos said they weren't available. :-(
Great pic's, though! My kids have commented on the cute snowman and especially love the glasses.

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