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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Week #6: Starting off with a bit of an eruption

Monday morning we had our follow-up appointments for Dynomite and Backpack. The doctors said there is still fluid on their ears, but it looks better. We have to follow up in a month to determine if a hearing test is in order. We have noticed a difference in her hearing.

For FHE Travis and the kids sculpted a volcano.The eruption:
These are the FHE's you get when your parents are scientists :-)
The kids love marble works. I like to make the tracks. Marble works is a daily favorite. Backpack just likes to eat the marbles. Here is one of my favorites.Tuesday was a snow day, in a different post. Wednesday we just hung out and played a bit outside. It was another snow day. Trouble's school was cancelled and Travis went in late. That was Travis' fault because he was praying for a late opening so he didn't have to take the midterm he didn't study for.
Thursday I watched 5 extra kiddos. The kids were happy to have some playmates over. Later that night when Travis and Trouble were at swim lessons Backpack dumped practically a whole gallon on milk on our dining room carpet while I was in the bathroom. When I came out he was pointing to his cup. I think he felt bad, he just wanted a glass of milk! That night was, thankfully, book club. Its a good escape. We were there for 3 hours! We read "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortensen. It was a fantastic true story about one man making a difference in the Middle East by building schools.
Friday Trouble had his Valentine's party at school. We made 20 homemade valentines. He had to sign his name on each one, it only took a week :-) He had a great time and came home with good memories of his first valentine party. This night we had our swap and we watched Percy Jackson and Lightening Thief. It was much better than we thought.
Saturday and Sunday were fun. Those days are different posts.
To end the week, we have more pictures of Miss Dynomite in the bathroom. Saturday morning she got up to use the bathroom and wasn't quite awake. Travis snapped some pictures of her:
Sleepy girl:
So serious:
Her silly self!!
Finally waking up!

Hope you had a great week too!!


Nikki said...

As I read the title of this post and then started reading the first paragraph I thought you were going to say that someone's eardrum burst! You totally had me worried.

Great updates. Love the volcano and the marble works. And the cute Dynomite pics.

Cynthia said...

I love the volcano! With scientist parents, they're bound to have some of those scientist genes too!

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