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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fun with Grandmas!

Travis and I went on a mini vacation to Australia just before Christmas. The original plan was to fly the kiddos to Aunt Regina's house. They have 3 boys that the kids would've loved to play with for a week. However, it was expensive to fly all of us. Also Backpack is struggling with clinging issues. So the Grandmas came to our rescue. Travis Mom, Grammy, flew in on Tuesday, and we flew out the next day. Yaya flew in on Saturday. Grammy flew out the following Tuesday, we flew in on Friday and Yaya left the next Tuesday. So it was a whirlwind for everyone!
So what fun things did the kids do with the Grandmas? I pilfered these pictures off their cameras, so I'll interpret :-)
PS Everyone at church on Sunday was surprised to see the Mother-in-laws taking care of the kids together. Its rare in most families, but they actually get along quite well!!

While the Grandma's were here we-
Ate breakfast (whether we wanted to or not):
Played with toys:
Did our hair :
Had our friends over to decorate cookies:
"Don't worry, I've done this before!"
Arrrgg Matey:
I'm so innocent and sweet!
"I've got the best cookie, EVER!"
Cookies for Santa!
All done!
Went shopping:
Made a giant 'Jello sandwich':
Watch some TV:
Did Christmas crafts:

Put our underware out in a row:
Brushed our teeth:
Went to the Boonshoft Museum:
We played in the water there:

Who's driving this thing??

Doesn't he wish!!
Escape while you still can!
Driver...You're facing the wrong way!

Ah, the joys of shopping!
You missed the Snickers!!
We knew it was only a matter of time:
That explains it! I call a mis-trail. Judge is unfair!
Now we see justice!
Grammy knows all, sees all!
A witness to his own crime!
Teaching them young! Now if I can only get him to do this at home:
Deep in contemplation:
Calling Dr. Dynomite!
Truth be told! Next time I have a flat, I know who to call!
Is that a Dynomite turtle? Rare, but easy to ride!
Too cute for words!
Ate at resturants:
That was horrible! Take it back! Take it back!
Um, Grammy to the pampering rescue!
Played with Grammy: Camped out in the living room:
Bye Grammy! Thanks for taking such great care of us, even though we were puky sick on your watch. We love you and hope to see you soon!!

Next: Our time with JUST Yaya... (Que scary music)


Kelly said...

wow! The little 2 are so much bigger than the last time we saw them!

Our Army Life said...

Looks like they had a great time! :)

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