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Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 Week #5: Winter Season renamed to Snotty-Nose Season

Triple blah to this dumb sick infested week! This the first time I've been down for the Winter and the 2nd time for the kids. I guess we could count our lucky stars that it's only been this bad considering all that is going around.
Monday morning Travis woke to find Dynomite on the bathroom floor. Apparently she stayed up playing with the bath toys and was too tired to find her way back?!? This was just an indicator of our week!
Monday was fine. We did the usual school, dance class, etc... For FHE we talked about chores. I then made two charts. One for the kiddos that they do everyday (beds, clothes, etc...) and one that rotates FHE duties and other chores. We haven't really implemented chores into our routine, so we'll see how it goes.
Tuesday morning I went to my MOPS steering team meeting. Backpack moans and whined through the whole meeting. At one point he feel asleep on my shoulder. After the meeting he didn't look so great and threw up his lunch. Luckily I had a doctor's appointment for Dynomite. I called the peds office to ask if I could have Backpack looked at too, because it was the same PCM for both kids. The Sergeant who answered tried to get me an appointment (they were booked solid), but told me the doctor is strict about following the rules. So Backpack would probably need an appointment to be seen later in the week. I told her I was bringing him anyway! In December Dynomite had been sick, but never fully recovered. We started to notice she wasn't responding when we talked to her. I assumed it was her selective 3 year old hearing. Travis thought it was something more serious. I explained to the doctor the she'd had this cold, never fully recovered, a week ago had a strange fever, a continual green snotty nose, etc... The doctor looked at her ears and told me they were quite red with fluid behind them. She never fully recovered because the infection never drained properly. She prescribed her antibiotics. After she was done talking about Dynomite I said, "Is it possible that they (pointing to Backpack) could have the same thing?" She said, "Let me take a look!" Viola! She said yes, and prescribed him antibiotics as well! They just wrote Backpack in as a walk in. Now I know what to do in the future. Thank goodness Dynomite had an appointment!!
Dynomite also has trouble with cracked, bleeding, dry hands. We got a prescription for Eucerine lotion and hydrocortizone cream. Every night we have to glob on the Eucerine (it has the consistency of Crisco), put hydrocorizone cream on top and stick some socks on her hands. She's not a big fan of that, but it works wonders!! After two days, her hands were healed. Now we do it for preventive measures. The lotion also works well for Backpack's face.
Wednesday and Thursday Backpack was pretty much sick and useless. I also was feeling horrible and had a headache for over a week at this point. I had to cancel on three people for babysitting. Babysitting would've been more fun!
Trouble also started his new 'real' swim lessons. His bad news was that he was the only boy :-) Travis got him a pair of goggles because he's proud of him for swimming so well.
On a strange note, I found a dead moth in the fridge! One of Travis' moths died, but he couldn't dissect it yet. So that is where it lived!
Trouble had a PJ party at school on Friday. He wore his PJs, brought popcorn (except he forgot to give it to his teacher so we ate it at home...that just might have been planned), took his stuffed bear and slippers. Snow was expected so I had to pick him up an hour early.
Indeed it did start to snow around 10:30am. So I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few essentials. While I was unloading the cart I noticed a pack of kids Yoplait yogurt by Backpack in the front. I checked my receipt and I did not pay for it! I decided to rectify it on Monday. We picked up Trouble and rented a few movies.
Backpack loved holding the moth. He cried whenever we took it away from him. He wasn't always so gentle!Trouble had no trouble getting up close and personal with it!
Dynomite was okay...
By the time Backpack demanded it back, she was ready!
At one point Backpack said butterfly! Can you see how droopy he looks!
Friday, after some debate, we decided to do our weekly swap after all. I disinfected the house (scrubbing bathrooms, door knobs, light switches, and the kitchen floor), turned off the heat, opened some windows and the front door, and turned on the fans. I also washed bedding and towels. I was determined to kick this germ outta here!! We had fun with the kids and were glad to get our kiddos some playmates for the evening. Afterwards we watched, "The Invention of Lying". It was...interesting, but we liked it!
Here are the kids playing Twister:

Saturday we woke to some snow. The kids aren't too fond of going out in the cold, but we try anyway! I think we were still too out of sorts to enjoy being outside. Trouble and Dynomite lasted all of 20 minutes. Backpack didn't make it past two seconds! Here he is all bundled up and crying :-( Maybe it's the purple boots...
Travis made a snow...something. It happened to look like a pouting old man. I wish I'd gotten a picture. Saturday I stayed up late getting ready for our next RS meeting in March and preparing for church in the morning, while Travis did homework.
Sunday morning I got a call from a friend to teach her class because her little guy was sick, then 10 minutes later I got a call from another friend to see if I'd sub in nursery for her because her kids weren't feeling well. The second caller wished she had called 10 minutes earlier :-) Primary was fun. Its been awhile since I've been in there.
Travis did eventually dissect one of his moths. He found out it was a girl. See the sea-greenish eggs?
Here is the body cavity:

Yes, so interesting *insert eyes rolling*

Here is to a much better next week!


Nikki said...

Interesting and gross at the same time! The moth I mean.

I love the picture of Dynomite asleep on the bathroom floor. SO FUNNY! and cute. What a cutie pie.

My favorite pic of the kids touching the mouth is the second one of Backpack. There is something so endearing about the look on his face and the gentle way he's touching it on his leg.

So sorry to hear of the sickies. We got some ear infections and lung junk going on with the three youngest. I was relieved to hear it's not whooping cough-- which I worried about since two were barking like seals.

Oh yeah, and I love that picture of Backpack all bundled up. Reminds me of the Christmas Story.

Kelly said...

Raina uses Eucerin too, but she hates getting all slathered up. PT doesn't like poutt it on her, so I'm always the slather-er! It does work though! Love the picture of backpack pointing at the moth :-)

Cynthia said...

Yes, hopefully coming weeks will be better!

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