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Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's your sleep number?

1 Very happy birthday girl to get a new memory foam mattress topper who has back problems
-1 Very unhappy husband who's had the worst week of sleep from said topper
= 0 Fun for everyone!

Travis has been complaining about his shoulder and back since he put on the 2.5 inch thick mattress topper. I, on the other hand, have never slept better and my back feels great!

For our date night on Friday we headed out to the Dayton Home and Garden show. He wasn't initially thrilled with that idea, but we ended up having a great time. One of the vendors was the Sleep Number bed. We went over and laid down. The salesman showed us how to adjust the bed to match our comfort level. Travis liked it at 100, me at 30! Yep, that is quite a difference.

We walked around the rest of the evening contemplating this 'investment'. There wasn't much talking, because Travis was so sore and I was not. We knew this bed was the answer to both our problems. And decided it was a go. It should be here in less than two weeks!! Travis said the stars were aligned that night, because if he wasn't in pain we wouldn't have even gotten near that exhibit!


Allanna said...

Poor Travis!
But YAY that you'll both be able to have a wonderful night's sleep! ^_^

Lys said...

We got our sleep number bed about 4 years ago and love it! I've heard from some people who ended up hating theirs. Basically it has to do with the thickness of the cushion on top and making sure to try the one you buy.

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