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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday is a special day, A day to end up in the ER!

You know the primary tune...Saturday is a special day....
Anyway, poor poor Trouble! Shall we start at the beginning??

-Dynomite has this on going cold/infection which is giving her hearing problems (or its really good selective hearing....we're not sure)
-Dynomite is sick Monday, small fever, complaining about throat, cries all night
-Dynomite wakes up Tuesday with rash on face, back, belly, and arms. Nurse is called and diagnosis of Rosacea. Okay, she's fine.
-Nurse asks if she's having stomach problems because that with sore throat and rash = strep throat. Nope, she's eating fine.
-Friday Trouble complains about throat. We figure it is just sore, give medicine.
-Saturday Trouble is looking a little lousy, not interested in food. TV seems to make him feel better. We chalk it up as a late night with way too much popcorn.
-We enjoy watching Wicked, pick kids up at sitters.
-Sitters tell us he's looking a little droopy, but TV was a great distraction.
-We go to dinner, he eats some fruit, but we start to see a sunken look in his face. Then I remembered what the nurse said. We quickly call the waitress over, ask for boxes and the check. -We come home, throw Dumbo in VCR , and call the Nurse line, the After hours pediatric care line, and the appointment line (three different phones at the same time). Nurse line takes a message, After hours line never picks up after waiting for 45 min, appointment line tells us to call after hours line. After hours line calls up back 20 mins later. During which the kids all bathe and get in jammies.
-Nurse tells Travis to bring him in right away.
-Travis calls 2.5hours later to tell me he has scarlet fever, his temp was well above 102F, and was he is dehydrated. He's hooked up to an IV, and taking blood for more test. Thank goodness Travis took him in. I'd be an emotional wreck.

For crying out loud! What kind of parents are we! All things considering, our kids are hardly sick. And when they are, we just drag them around like they're rag dolls! Our kids just don't act sick, even when they are. We should know that when they really aren't looking well, it really is something serious. They want me to bring Dynomite in just to be tested tomorrow. I wasn't going to because she is doing better, but maybe I really should. Besides wellness checks and the ER trips we aren't the type of parents to rush our kids in to see the Dr. However, as the kids get older they are being exposed to more than just the common cold or regular flu and other illness that are no longer treatable with home remedies or OTC meds. I guess this is a good wake up call for us to exercise more caution when dealing with sickness. My heart just aches thinking about my little guy laying there with an IV in his spindly arm. I've never had an IV, and here is my 5 year old experiencing what I try to hard to avoid.

Please say a little prayer for him!

P.S. ER count is now thus:
Trouble: 4
Dynomite: 1
Backpack: 1
Travis: 1


Shelly said...

I am so sorry. Poor little guy! HOpe all is well soon!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Poor kid! I had Scarlet Fever when I was young. Can't remember much about it though. And, maybe the sleep topper will get better for the husband. :)

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness! Lots of prayers coming your way!

M said...

So sorry! Hope the kids are feeling better soon! We have had pink eye, scarlet fever (both kids), 4 ear infections, a punctured ear drum, pneumonia, the flu (all 4 of us) and cardio problems - all since the middle of December!! Hopefully your kids will bounce back soon!

Anonymous said...

There is no way I believe that Travis has only been to the ER once.



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