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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Chop Sticks

If look in my pantry you may think I'm a crazy lady with a chopstick in the flour canister. Why? I use it to level off the measuring cups. Did you know that just an extra tablespoon (or the heap of flour on top of your measuring cup) can really mess with your recipe, especially if you're baking. Too much flour can give you tough and/or heavy baked goods.

So I just scoop the flour out of the canister, level it with the chopstick, and put the chopstick back in the canister for next time. Voila, perfect measure of your flour. Also good for sugar and other powdered items (although a little extra sugar never hurts a batch of cookies!)


Nikki said...

A chopstick? Who knew! I've always used the back of a butter knife. But I like the idea of leaving the chopstick in the flour container even better!

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