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Sunday, March 14, 2010

2010 Week # 7

Monday was President's Day so no one had school or dance class. It also happened to be quite snowy out. Travis was determined to head out into the cold anyway, so he picked up the 4 kid cots I got from the swapshop. I thought they'd be smaller, so we could take them camping. They'll be good for sleepovers. However, our inventive son built a fun ramp for the kids to play on.
Tentative Backpack: A full view of the set-up. The kids are on a collision course:
Super Dynomite:
Backpack's favorite way to go down (see his little step trying to get down):
Super Trouble:

For FHE we always do The Pledge of Allegiance. Backpack enjoys holding the flag. Trouble and Dynomite can both recite it now.

We made bouncy balls. Travis talked to the kids about having a good attitude and how we can 'bounce back' when things aren't going well.
The kit made three balls.
Travis took a million shots of them bouncing around the house (kids and balls).

The windup:
The downfall is having to search for them after throwing them:

Keep your eye on the ball. Here it comes!

The finished balls
Tuesday also ended up to be yucky. Travis needed some help on his homework so he went out. One of the guys he called told us that his wife was bored and asked us to come over. So we got to the the Hamialt family from Turkey.(I butchered their last name, I'd ask Travis how to spell it but he's working on a final and would bite my head off if I interrupted him...he already threatened to throw me out the room LOL). They super nice and showed us some great pictures. The weather cleared enough that night for Trouble to have swim lessons.
Wednesday Trouble was able to go to school. I had a very awkward eye appointment. It was very unorganized and I only saw the actual doctor for the last 10 minutes of a 1 hour appointment. Most of my time was spent waiting between eye tests, trying on contacts (they had me try two different lenses), and reading charts. I never actually went to the machine where they flip the lenses and ask if 1 or 2 is better. Oh well. I have to go back because my contacts are giving me headaches and my new glasses seem a bit blurry. Insurance only covers one exam a year, so that's why I have to go back there.
Thursday we pulled out lots of games. I guess Trouble is hoping for warmer weather. He really wanted to wear his Hawaiian shirt today. The kids love the game "Never Ending Story". You lay down tiles and tell a continuing story.
Their story was about some kids finding a lost treasure. The kids make it up as they go and do well at it. I'm just there to remind them what has already happened in the story.

Friday MOPS had a Mom's Day out. I ventured to the grocery store and to K-mart. The K-mart in Huber Heights is going out of business. I went to see if anything had been marked down yet. It actually starts discounting in mid-March. I was able to get PJ for $1.80 and some clothes for Dynomite for less then $5 each.

That night we went to the temple in Columbus. The kids stayed with a family in the ward. They painted to Dynomite's nails. She still talks about that. She such a girly, girl!

Saturday was a Primary Activity. Dynomites first one, now that she is a Sunbeam!! Part of the activity was making the centerpieces for our Relief Society Birthday Celebration. They turned out beautiful. I took Backpack too so Travis could get in some study time. It worked out because when we got home he was ready to play with us and not feel bad about needing to study.


Laura said...

I really like your pledge of allegiance idea for FHE!

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