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Thursday, March 11, 2010

It CAME....in parts and pieces??

On Thursday our Sleep Number bed arrived...in four different boxes! I thought there would be one at least the dimensions of a box spring. What do I know!?!
Here is a picture of our new completed bed: Travis' Dad made the bed for us. We have been sleeping with our wedding quilt for almost 10 years now. Unfortunately it needs some TLC. Its taking a much needed rest for now. I ran up to the Kohl's and bought a new satiny bed set (plus they were on sale!) for our first nights sleep.

Here is the shipment! Travis put it together while I was running the Relief Society Birthday Celebration. I wonder where Dynomite is?
There she is!
Anyone seen Trouble around?
Guess he is comfy, cozy!
Our old bed will replace the full sized guest bed in Dynomite room. For now there is double the beds in her room. For some reason the kids think it is a great place to play and bounce around...
He's just too cute to not have pictures of :-)
So truth be told, the first night wasn't so great. I had it on 25 and Travis on 100. He kept rolling into me. He adjusted his to 55 and mine to 35 and its been heavenly ever since. I think we have a winner! The nice thing is that it can be adjusted to whatever setting you need whenever you need a change. Thank you Sleep Number!


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