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Monday, March 8, 2010

Angelina the Ballerina Performs Again

At the end of dance session the teacher lets the parents to watch the students dance. Here is Dynomite with her bestest friend warming up. Dynomite was less vocal this time :-) The teacher said that her dance is improving, probably because she's hearing a bit better these days!
Elephant trunk warm up:
And....I have no idea....maybe she should be in contemporary dance??
En Barre...

A few last shots:

Our little Angelina Ballerina!
PS There was a boy in this session of dance. One morning Dynomite told Trouble that he could not got to dance class because boys aren't allowed. I reminded her that there is a boy in the class and she said, "Yeah, but I don't know his name." I guess it doesn't count if 'The Princess' doesn't know his name. LOL!!!


Cynthia said...

I love your pics! You did a great job! My fav is the contemporary dance. :-) I also like the bar one- with her crony in the background picking her nose! Hee, hee!

Nikki said...

She is such a doll! How fun for her to take dance. I keep telling myself I'll get around to it with my little girl. Maybe the next session is still open for sign-ups.

So funny about the boy comment!

YaYa said...

I named her Nina the Ballerina, not Rena or Angelina. What's a Yaya to do?

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