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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trouble's Preschool Adventures

We absolutely love Trouble's preschool. When we pick him up he tells us all the great things they did that day. Usually he begins with what they had for snack :-) Every holiday the teachers find a great way to celebrate. Trouble loves jigsaw puzzles, thinking puzzles (Rebus, I Spy, mazes), building (with Legos, blocks, marble works), coloring, painting, crafts, games, rhyming and learning to read. He's not so much into writing. His name is all over the place on his projects. The teacher told us that if she draws a box he stays inside of it. Oddly, he isn't fond of coloring books or lined paper or instructions or diagrams. He is an 'outside of the box' thinker. He'd rather have a blank piece of paper. When we pull out the marble works, he's more interested in making boomers or telephones than marble pathways. (Very opposite of me, he takes after Travis in this way!) We expect great things from this kid! We're glad we've found a place that fosters his free thinking, creative ways.

We also love that it is a Christian preschool. They sing songs about Jesus and learn bible stories. They're aren't teaching the concepts at this point. This is good because often Trouble tells Travis the story they learned and then Travis can then teach him the moral. This usually leads our dinnertime discussions.

So far they've had two different programs for the parents to attend.

This was the Thanksgiving program. I almost missed it because I was suppose to be at the airport picking up Papa. However, Travis and I were both able to attend. Of course we forgot the camera. A friend from our church had hers and snapped a few pictures for us. This picture is my friend's daughter with Trouble. Its nice that they can be in the same class together.Trouble during the program. They were the Native Americans. He was Shinning Sun. He picked his own name out.
For Christmas Grammy had to go in our place. Obviously they were angles here.
This might be a truer picture of what he doing :-)

Grammy took this video of the Christmas Program.


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