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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Moth Chronicles

Travis' thesis for his Masters has something to do with the movements of moths. In order to gain a great understanding of these timid little creatures, he has decided to dissect a few. Last Thursday he wandered over to another student's house and brought home a box of, what I thought was, dead moths. Fast forward to later that night. Boys are in bed, I'm reading to Dynomite in her room. I hear a noise from the office. The box has movement inside! Something is trying to get out and it FREAKS ME OUT! I quickly throw something on top of the box and continue to put Dynomite to bed. Then I sit down at Travis' computer to check e-mail and browse Facebook. Scratching noises come from the box. Of course I mention that on Facebook and gross out a few friends! At one point it stops flailing around and then I know it can sense my fear. Its waiting for me open the box.... Its like a horror flick and you're yelling at the girl, "Don't open the door!" And she does, and its bad news....

Anyway, Travis comes home and bravely opens his package after a bout of laughter at my expense. Inside are some actual dead moths and three pupae. One of the moths emerged from their cocoon while in the box. The guy he picked them up from thought the pupae were dead. Imagine his shock when he has a whole box emerging! Travis fixed the new HUGE Hawk moth a home. The other two have since 'hatched'. They are currently living in a fish tank in our bedroom until he has a chance to dissect them. They are Curly, Moe, and Larry. Just Kidding, Travis wouldn't let me name them! Honestly, could you image the type of atrocities I'd have put up with on a regular basis if he did actual biology work!


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