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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wilbear Wright Bears

On Saturday we visited The Woodland Cemetery. Exciting, I know! Its all apart of the Aviation Trail in Dayton to get the Wilbear Wright bears for the kids.
Here is a picture of Wilbur and Orville Wright's grave. Since I'm a Erma Bombeck fan we drove past her grave and got a picture. The brochure says that "a 29,000 pound rock has become a monument for her grave." She was a newspaper columnist for the Dayton Daily News then went on to write books about life as a wife and mother. They're very interesting if you get a chance to pick one up.
Then we drove out to the home of the 1911 Wright "B" Flyer.
The brochure says, "The 1911 Wright "B" Flyer is a look-a-like of the world's first mass produced airplane. The original Wright "B" saw service with the U.S. Army and civilian enterprises."
This is a description of the small plane pictured below:

Unfortunately we didn't get to see the plane it was packed away in a trailer behind the hanger because it was being transported to San Antonio, TX for an air show. Here is a miniature model of it:
However, they do offer plane rides in the summer. For $100 they take you for a ride in the plane and then actually let you fly it. Travis is all excited. He'll for sure do it!

Those were the last two stops on our Wilbear Wright passport. So we stopped by the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center and turned in our passports for Wilbear Wright Bears!!
Some happy kids with their bears!
Goofy Trouble:
Aggressive Backpack:
Motherly Dynomite:
Random shots with the kids and their bears:


Cynthia said...

What!??!?! You guys already got your bears?!?! You are way too speedy! Mallory is jealous!

Bonnie-Jean said...

Fun times... I'm actually related to the Wright Bros. I hope I can visit there sometime. :)

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