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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday night Travis and I went to the Boonshoft Museum for a Romantic Laser Light Show. We got a long stem red carnation and a sample of Esther Price chocolates. The show was about love stories in the constellations from different cultures. In between stories and music the audience played 'Battle of the Sexes'. Travis dragged me up to play. We were asked a boy and girl question. Travis got the question I was suppose to answer right, but not his and I didn't answer either question right! Oh, we still got three free passes to the museum. We already have season passes, but now we can take our family when they visit. It was a great night! Our sitter was even happy because the kids were in bed the whole time she was at our house!

On Sunday we attended church and celebrated when we got home. The kids made valentines for their primary class.

Our ever faithful friend Kelly made us awesome chocolate heart suckers and chocolate covered graham crackers and sent them to us. Dynomite was completely thrilled to have pink chocolate.

Yaya also sent us a v-day package. She sent a Hallmark book that recorded her voice reading each page. When she watched the kids for us in December she read Trouble this book about Clifford getting an award. Trouble said that he wanted an award too. So Yaya sent all the kids an award. Trouble got the Smarty Pants award, Dynomite for the Best Dancer, and Backpack for the Cutest Munckin Ever. We also got some See's candy. Yum!

Backpack brings me my first gift of a giant heart of assorted chocolates. The best valentine's present ever. Travis' favorite chocolate is Ferrero Rocher. He also got a chocolate fish that was in a box that said, "What a Catch!" I didn't really get it for the chocolate, but because Travis really is a good catch ;-). Trouble made Dad a valentine alien fishing and Dynomite made him a valentine heart card. We got the kids a baggie filled with stickers, pencils, candy, and new Clifford song CDs. They love listening to kid songs in the car, so now we can mix it up a bit. Travis wasn't all that happy about the amount of candy they got, but hey is a holiday!!! I can't resist. We ended up taking it away anyway. Its sitting with the Halloween candy in the laundry room. It makes appearances for good behavior and bribes.

You may be wondering about the quality of the photos. I hinted to Travis that it would be nice to have a smaller camera that I could keep in the diaper bag so I'd always have it with me. A few weeks ago he mentioned getting an underwater digital camera. I wasn't too excited about that idea because I just wanted something small, pink and cute (pink means he won't steal it...Hee Hee). So what did he surprise me with.... the underwater camera. Yeah, lets just say I don't hide my emotions well. He felt bad, but after we saw how the pictures turned out he had no problems taking it back. We decided to hold off on the camera idea.

I did also mention it would be nice to have a dustbuster so it would be easier to vacuum the van. Lets face it, it needs it everyday!! Travis scored a mini wet/dry shop vac that plugs into the car at Goodwill. It also inflates!

I married a good man. He listens well :-)

Happy Valentine's day!!


Kelly said...

"Its sitting with the Halloween candy in the laundry room." Our Halloween candy is on a little chest in the dining room, still in the pumpkin shaped bucket :-) Now I feel better about it!

Cynthia said...

We still have Halloween candy too- and this reminds me I forgot to give the kids their little Valentine things! Whoops! Way to remember to celebrate the holiday!

MMEZ said...

I have a wonderful camera that can also be taken underwater. It is an Olympus Stylus 790. I got it before I went to Iraq because it is also san/dustproof! Let me know if you have any questions about it! I love it!

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