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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Backpack Battles Bee

Friday Night we were outside and Backpack was on Travis' shoulders. Suddenly he starts screaming and I see a bumble bee fly off his face and onto his ear. I knock the bee off his ear and Travis rushes him inside. (Coincidentally, I had a newspaper rolled up in my hand already) We applied a cold cloth to his face under his eye where there was swelling. Travis wiped him with a sting relief wipe and then put him in a cool bath. It was chaotic trying to find the 24 hour nurse help line. Finally we got though to a doctor that told Travis he did all the right things. Since Backpack wasn't having trouble breathing the doctor said he should be okay. He woke up twice that night throwing up. Which may or may not be related to the trauma of the sting. We figure he must have seen the bee and grabbed it or swatted at it. The bee stung him on the hand then attacked his face and ear. Thankfully he is okay! This morning his eye was almost swollen shut, but by this evening his ear is back to normal and we can see his eye. His hand is still puffy. Here you can see how bad his ear was.
Other than that we had an uneventful weekend, despite the holiday. Travis took us to Chinese food for lunch on Friday. Today was the Pancake Breakfast at the church. Travis left to cook at 6:15am and we arrived almost 2 hours late. But we still ate. I promised the kids doughnuts, so we went to Tim Horton's afterwards (which are still in the box). The last few days Trouble had been complaining about his stomach and not eating well. Finally today, while driving home from the breakfast (after a stop at our favorite thrift store) he threw up all over the van. He gained some color back in his face after that! So we went home, cleaned the van, and stuck in a movie (The Incredible Mr. Limpet). Then as we were getting ready to attend a BBQ, Backpack threw up! Honestly, we just couldn't win today. So we called it a day and put the kids to bed, folded laundry, and watched Avatar. So Happy Freakin' 4th of July.


MMEZ said...

Sounds like you had quite the weekend! Sorry to hear the kids are not feeling well. We went through that last week. Zsa2 got sick on Teusday/Wednesday (of course, those are the two days that Melanie Shult was here in town) and then Eli got sick the Friday/Saturday when we were supposed to go to Houston! Hope they are feeling better soon! Having sick kids is NEVER fun for anyone!!

Shelly said...

Poor baby!!!! Happy 4th late by the way. It is good to see that everyone is ok though.

Jen and Allen said...

Oh how sad. Bee stings are the worst too. I thought I was the only person I knew that had watched the Incredible Mr limpet. Well I hope next year is not as eventful for you.

Amber C said...

Was it a bee or a wasp? I thought bees can only sting once and then their stinger comes out. Dave swells up like that when he gets stung by wasps. Poor baby looks awful! Hopefully he's all better by now.

Nay said...

It was a bumble bee, which are usually very low key. That is why we think he grabbed for it. In fact the bumble bees have been all over our back yard since summer and this is the first incident we've had. Now I'm leary of letting the kids out until the nest is removed.

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