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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Backpack Battles Blades

Thanks to Cynthia for the clever title!

Last Wednesday I was cutting fleece fringe for a pillow with my heavy duty spring loaded scissors. I was on the floor cutting when Dynomite reached for the scissors. Since she does okay with scissors I let her use them while I tied the pillow. As she was cutting Backpack reached for them as she cut down and cut his thumb. I didn't realize how bad until I washed the blood from his hand. I felt slightly panicked and couldn't reach Travis on his cell. So I wrapped his thumb up, grabbed a bottle of PediaSure to keep him soothed and headed over the Cynthia's. She did agree that I should take him into the ER. I figured she was my voice of reason. So I left her with the other two and drove to Dayton's Children's Hospital. I was only a block or so from our house when I saw Travis and flagged him down. So he went with.

We were only in the ER for 1.5hours. The doctor put in three little stitches and he lost part of his nail. But we had stitches out yesterday and everything looks okay now!

Just this last week, Backpack has tried crawling out the back door which resulting in him scratching up his eye brown on the cement. Then I was in the garage and he was in the house. He had crawled over and pulled himself to standing with his hands resting on the door. I didn't not know this, so when I opened the door (which swings into the garage) he fell flat on his face on the cement. Blood everywhere! I had it! I burst into tears and let Travis handle it. Luckily he only got a fat lip. He hit so hard, it makes me shudder just thinking about it.

Luckily kids come hardy!

Thank you Laura for the picture!!



that is so sad...little injuries cause big heartache for moms.

The Lindsey's said...

Hey guys... I'm glad I found your blog! We'll have to have Trouble come over here sometime to play. Bennett would love it! I'm excited to see that you enjoy crafty stuff =). I love being crafty but can't seem to find any time to come up with any good ideas. I love the horses you made. That's a good idea for Christmas presents for nieces and nephews!

Abbey said...

That feeling is the worst when you realize how bad your kid got hurt. I hate that panic feeling. Hey at least it was quick in the ER. I hate sitting there for hours!

Cynthia said...

I must say that is a pretty amazing title... hee, hee!
Poor little guy! He's a tough cookie. Maybe if he gets all these crazy accidents out of the way, he'll be safe for the rest of his life. Maybe...

Amber C said...

My heart goes out to you 'Nay. Those types of weeks are ones where you just want to lock everyone in a padded room and keep them safe. I hope Dynomite didn't blame herself for the scissors accident. Sounds like Backpack is quite the resilient kiddo. Luckily Trouble wasn't involved. =-) He knows when to keep at a distance I guess.

Nikki said...

ooh! Poor baby! Hope everything heals fast!

Taja' Strouf said...

hey!! i havent talked to you guys in awhile! how is ohio? i just finally got a blog so you should take a look! ttyl

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