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Thursday, July 9, 2009

New York Trip with Kelly

Travis had a week off from AFIT (but not Wright State) so we decided to meet up with Kelly at her parent's house in New York. We've always wanted to got to Niagara Falls (our goals from a back of cereal box, another post about that later). So she promised us a grand tour, complete with our own tour guide. How could we pass that up! So Wednesday night we packed up the van and drove 6.5 hours straight to Kelly's parents house. We didn't even stop for a potty break. Thursday Morning we headed straight for Niagara Falls. We went to the Canadian side where it is more touristy.

The day was overcast, which kept the crowds down. We saw on part of the falls then decided to go in man made caves behind them. We got these nifty yellow ponchos. Kelly and I stuck our babies heads through the opening of our ponchos and Kelly called us 'Two headed monsters'.Here you can see the other falls. This is looking at the USA (Buffalo, NY) side.There is an island (blocked by the mist) in the upper body of water, so it looks like two different falls. The right side is Canadian, left in USA. See that boat. We did that boat ride.This is how close the boat gets up to the falls. Here we are on the boat. Backpack slept through the entire bumpy, wet ride. After Niagara Falls I found a 7-11 and got a Slurpee! and spend $20 on REAL chocolate :-) When we got home we took Kelly and her parents out for dinner to say thank you for being such gracious hosts and putting up with 5 extra people in their home. Afterwards they took us to a beach area on Lake Erie. The lake is so big with some waves, it felt like the ocean. Dynomite found seashells and coral fossils with Kelly. Daddy and Trouble had fun out in the water.
Friday we spent the day in Palmyra (next post). When we got home we met up with Kelly and her Mom, Donna. They fundraised for and participated in Relay for Life. That really impressed up. Kelly is always doing something to help others. We actually got locked out of their house, so we went and walk a mile with them. It wore the kids (and the parents) out! Kelly did 5 miles that night!!

Thanks to Kelly, Donna and Dave for a great trip!!


Jen and Allen said...

Wow looks like fun and the falls are so beautiful I want to go some day.

Anonymous said...

So jealous! New York is tops in my "Must Travel To" list.

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