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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunday Visitors - Jen and Family

On Sunday we had some great company! Jen visited with her children and parents-in-laws. We first met Matt and Jen at Vandenberg AFB. Matt and Travis got orders to Minot and we've been friends ever since. Matt and Jen are from a little town North of here. So whenever they are in Ohio we hope to able to meet up. Matt was gone for work, so Jen decided to go home (to OH) for about two weeks. We've met Carol and Mark (Matt's parents) on several occasions in Minot. So on Sunday they drove the two hours down to visit with us and check out our new place. That made us truly feel special! We chatted and let the kids play. After dinner they headed home. She will be back in OH in September, so we're going to make a trip up to see them instead.

Thanks for the visit!!

PS I didn't post her wonderful children's names or their last name for security purposes.


Kelly said...

the kids need an alias. I was thinking Peanut Butter for my little gal. I used to call her peanut and somehow it got lengthened instead of shortened :-)

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