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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Fun

So I Friday started out typical. Up, eat, treadmill, get dress, clean-up and Daddy gets home from school. The kids talked Daddy into a game of 'Pretty Pretty Princess'. Trouble was the winner (notice the placement of the earrings):

Daddy also needs to work on his jewelry wearing skills (I should've photo shopped myself out, yikes!):

Daddy played cars until he resigned to the office to work on homework. I broke out the Wii and tried to get the kids to try baseball, boxing, and tennis. Not so successful. However,it was fun to watch Dynomite swing the tennis racket and make noises. *Swing* Uh.... *swing* uh.... :-)

After Travis was done he asked the usual "What are going to do tonight?" I said, "The Carnival!" We were so excited!! Games, rides, and Daddy was going to even treat us with dinner at the carnival. A little background here: Travis is a certified miser!! Eating anywhere but home is usually considered wasteful. Anyway, we arrive at the 'Carnival' and purchase $6 worth of tickets. Guess What!! It was $1 per ticket, 2 tickets per ride per person....so $2 for one ride. YES, you read it...$2 per ride! $6 and each kid rode one thing!! I thought Travis was going to have a heart attack! Needless to say, after each kid got a ride we left. Trouble was troubled by this and sad to leave.

Trouble on the train ride:

Dynomite on the train ride:

Backpack on the Merry-Go-Round. He was no so thrilled:So we tried to find something else fun to do. We drove all over our side of town for something cheap and kid friendly. We did hit one thrift store (Travis' favorite one, but the one I hate the most...that's another story). We went to Rollandia, but it was cheaper to go on Monday so we'll try that later. Where to go, where to go....um...cheap, kid friendly, food.....you guess it...McDonalds!! Sad I know, but strangely fulfilling. Kids had fun, Mom was fed, and Dad isn't broke. Maybe we can get a group discount for angioplasty in 10 years!

PS Today Trouble wanted to play "Pretty, Pretty Princess" again, and I was told by my DH that that game will not be a regular in out house. He was very much opposed to me taking and posting a pictures of 'boys in jewelry'. Ha Ha!!


Katie, Mickey, Kayin and Kareli said...

Denay, you post so often I'm always a couple weeks behind! I'm so impressed. :-) I love how busy you guys always are; you must love getting out so much here as opposed to Minot. I love your Parents list; they're so true! At least I'm not the only one in pj's all day, even after a shower. :) Kayin read this with me, and now he wants to ride a train and play pretty pretty princess. Ah, the influences of family! Love you!

The Langes said...

Tell Travis that my little fella likes to play dress-up with his sister sometimes...I think that's what happens to little boys with sisters close in age!

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