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Friday, May 29, 2009

Christianity Today: Faith and Pop Culture

In 2008, Christianity Today released another book in their study series titled Faith and Pop Culture. This book addresses the conflict between being Christian in a world overrun by entertainment. This study hoped to “facilitate lively and engaging discussion on the various facets of entertainment and how it connects to our lives as Jesus’s followers.”

I liked how each session was laid out. First you read an excerpt from Christianity Today about the topic to be discussed. Then the group did an ice-breaker activity, which led to questions about the issue. Then scripture passages were explored that connected to that issue. It ended with a forward thinking section or, in others words, what are going to do about it?

Because I personally did not agree with some of the CT articles presented, this produced a livelier discussion. I thought some of the issues did not relate well to the scripture passages. However, many of the questions were thought provoking and enlightening. Even though we have different ideas of ‘good’ entertainment, we found none of the questions to be offensive. The ice-breaker activities set the mood and helped the group feel more connected.

I would recommend this study if you’d prefer to do something light and entertaining. This helped me to better define my values when living in a world surrounded by pop culture.


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