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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday: Work, Museum, Camping!

Travis only has one class on Friday. We get so much done on Fridays because the kids and I try to be all ready when he gets home from class at 11am. I mean eat, dressed, clean faces and brushed hair, workout, and house orderly. So that leaves the rest of the day to do...whatever! Plus he's usually ready for anything put school work at this point. Then he buckles down on Saturday and has Sunday free for the Sabbath. So far things have worked out well.
Anyway, today Travis mowed the law because we got our first 'pink ticket' for having an un-mowed lawn...he just mowed last Friday! Then he proceeded to take out our neighbors fence. We thought it would be a good idea to have a fence, so we asked our neighbors if we could have their since they are moving. They said yes! He has 6 more poles to dig out. It will be a luxury to have a fence at this point because the kids stay in the yard anyway. I'm more worried when Backpack starts roaming. So this is essentially a preventive measure.

This evening we wanted to go to "A Night at the AF Museum"! Afterwards Travis was going to take the Trouble camping at the father-son campout with our church. Travis got all packed up and we headed to the museum. HOLY COW!! The line of cars to get in was backed up practically to our house!!! Maybe 3-5 miles? So we drove past and realized waiting wasn't worth it and headed to home to drop me and the other two kiddos off at home. I was disappointed, but didn't voice my opinion too loud because I wanted Travis and Trouble to go camping.

So they left and the other two hopped in Travis' car with me at we went to Michales to get materials for a card swap. On the way there we saw that there was a concert at Wright State. All I could think was, everyone has somewhere to go but ME! So to comfort myself and Dynomite (she wanted to go with Daddy and brother) we went to Steak 'n' Shake and treated ourselves :-)

On the way home I wondered if the museum was still packed. So I drove past the turn to our house and went toward the museum. What luck, we found a parking spot near the entrance. I have to tell you that I am not one to take the kids by myself to public places. I much prefer the accompaniment of my husband or family. I do take them places by myself, but I really have to talk myself into it! (I've never really told Travis my fear, but I think he suspects it but has no sympathy!) Plus the double stroller was in the van that Travis now had. I thought, what is the worst that can happen...I walk in, I walk out. Why is this such a struggle!! So I took one last slurp of milkshake, turned off the car, and took a deep breath.

We walked to the entrance and the first thing I heard was, "Would you like a stroller? It looks like you have your hands full. We're leaving and don't need it." How cool is that?? It had one seat with a swivel wheel in front and a little basket in back. So Dynomite and Backpack took turns sitting or being held in various ways throughout the museum.

The museum was incredible! There were a ton of planes. (Duh, AF!!) It started out with the Wright Brothers and ended with Space and Missiles. In the Wright Brothers section there were actors posed like statues. At certain times they would 'come alive' and act out a scene. I thought that was pretty clever! When we entered the Cold War exhibit there was a German guy telling us the Americans were bombing children. WHAT!?! Yeah, with candy!! Ha Ha! Then we saw an alien that gave us his signature. When we entered another part of the museum there were these 'Men in Black' people roaming around asking if we had seen any 'alien life forms'. If you did they made a big deal out if it and gave you something. I just really liked how everything was tied together and very organized. There was so much to see and do, we really just did a walk through (even that took an hour!). We'll be going back next week when Papa comes for a visit.

Travis won't believe me that I went back without him! Not typical behavior for me. I'm really happy that they went camping. Its great for Trouble to get some guy time. I sure hope Travis and Trouble have fun tonight. I guess we'll see when they get back in the morning :-)


Jen and Allen said...

That sounds sooo cool if we ever come and visit we want to go there. And dont feel bad i still have a fear of being kidnapted (spell check on the comment box please!) Glad you had a good time.

Katie, Mickey, Kayin and Kareli said...

I love how descriptive your blogs always are, like reading a story. You have so much fun stuff going on!

Melissa said...

How fun! You always do such neat things with the kids.

The Schooley's said...

How fun! What a bunch of fun parents you are!!

Steph Herbert said...

I share your phobia of taking the kids out in public by myself. I mean I have three kids and only two hands.

MMEZ said...

The Candy Bomber would be Col. Gail Halvorson. He's a member of the church and I had the honor of meeting him and his wife. He also gave me one of his books and signed it for me. We had a friend at Travis that we found out some time later that he was his grandson! How cool! The WP museum is super cool, but really not as cool as the Colonels suite in lodging!!! Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Enjoy!
Mariah P.

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