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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

KTT: Cable Ties and Chicken

I come from a long line of 'Macgyvers' (and married one) so cables ties (AKA zip ties) are a staple in the old tool chest or 'junk drawer'. So Sunday I made a whole chicken roast and couldn't find my kitchen string so Travis suggested I use a cable tie to tie the legs back. It was very easy to do and worked perfectly! It was easier than the string because I formed the initial loop with the tie, stuck the legs through and pulled the tie tight!
To get that really crispy chicken skin, I coated it butter and rubbed garlic all over. A quarter of the drippings in the pan was butter. It made awesome gravy! It was so good I felt my arteries clogging!!! Yum!


Morgan and Derek said...

Oh yum. I'm hungry!

Abbey said...

You're a genius! I'm so going to try this. Thanks!

Garry said...

Hi,its good idea for the better use of cable ties.I really liked it.Thanks.

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