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Friday, July 30, 2010

2010 Week #20: Tea Time & a Dragons Game

The truth is that I never know what I come home to when Travis is in charge. Just for the record, it is always creative and fun...and something I never have the energy to do!
I took Trouble to the dentist for his regular 6 month cleaning. He did an excellect job! The hygenist did a 180 degree x-ray of his mouth. We could see the majority of his adult teeth waiting to come in.
We come home to this: A TEA PARTY!! Travis even taught them to drink with their pinkies up :-) The tea party consisted of Kraft Handi snacks, crackers, chopped canned peaches and juice. Totally adroable!!It was a farily busy week. I had a teeth cleaning on Wednesday, too. But I also needed some filling redone so Thrusday I went first thing to have that done, then that night we fed a family that was moving soon. They have 9 kids, so it was quite the crowd at our house that night. Then after they left I hosted book club. We have a chocolate fountain, it was a hit!

On Friday, Trouble graduated from pre-school! (seperate post)

On Saturday we were invited to a Star Wars Birthday for the Stahl's oldest son. Dynomite showed up with Princess Leia hair:

We were there from 10am to almost 1pm. The kids had so much fun wiping out Darth Vader with silly string, combating bubbles with foam light sabers, and destroying the Death Star with a bat. Plus lots of food and cupcakes.
Travis was off cleaning the church. When he came home we went to a Dayton Dragons game. Dr. Cobb, one the guys Travis works with, has season passes to the Dragons games. One of the games was rained out and scheduled for May 22nd, a day he couldn't go. He gave Travis the tickets along with a VIP parking pass. We sat in section 113, row 5, seat 20, just to the left of the Dragon's dugout. In other words, they were awesome seats! We only had two tickets, so we had to buy them a child tickets to get in and sit on the grass. However, no one was sitting next to us so the kids had their own seats anyway by us.
We arrived right at the end of the 5th inning. If you know baseball and the attention span of little kids, then you know that that was perfect timing!
We're watching the pitcher, the pitcher is watching the Bowling Green Hot Rods runner:

We've always been impressed with way a pitcher throws:

Trouble was excited to there. The kids' first baseball game.
Dynomite was busy looking cute for all the people sitting around us paying attention to her.
And you can never have too many pictures of this cute face...
The Dragon mascots did a little dance.
A strike against the Dragons.
Showing the scoreboard:
Nope, they didn't win. We were there just to enjoy, which we did. So all was not lost.
The kids were fascinated with the giant baseballs and bats. They climbed on top and Travis snapped a million pictures!

When we got home I had a package waiting for me. There is something called Macaroni Kid. On this blog a lady list lists the kids friendly community events around town. There is a national blog, plus a local blog for different places. She posts alot of great information. She ran a contest for people to find 5 subscribers. I found 5 for her and she sent me a basket with summer supplies!

This night we were suppose to go to the Ward Talent show, but were all very exhausted and Travis sent me to my room :-) Instead, for sanity's sake, we all went to bed early!


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I LOVE her hair!!

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