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Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 Week #13 - Lots of Kid Fun

Finally on Sunday I was called into YW as the President. I had only known about this for a few weeks now. A few Sundays before the Bishopric was changed from the original Bishop that called me. So there was some sorting out to do and I still hadn't decided on the 2nd counselor. The 1st was super easy, Cynthia. She is such an asset to the program and girls so I knew that Heavenly Father wanted her to stay and help me out. Plus I really, really like her :-) This was the first time I've ever felt over whelmed by accepting a calling. But once I was set apart I felt much better. I think it was because there are so many YW and I didn't really know any of them. But God never gives us more than we can handle...right!?!
Anyway, Sunday night Backpack gave his first prayer. It was so cute!

Monday was Dad's night at Trouble's pre-school. They did all the boy things like make bug catchers.
And play games.
And make scary monsters.

Our friends from church, who's daughter attends pre-school with Trouble.
And..well I'm not sure what he's doing...but it looks mischievous!
Water play now that it is starting to get nice outside.
Dad teaching all the important things like proper water gun handling.
And teaching a certain water hose trick to play on said little sister.
Backpack not too thrilled with being wet.
He's so cute I had to post more than one picture of him :-)
1) Trick victim into thinking there is no water coming out of hose by kinking it closed.
2) Convince victim to check why no water is emerging by looking in hose. (In this case, putting hose in mouth).
3) Un-kink hose and allow backed up water to gush out (either in the eye, face or in this case, the mouth).

4) Laugh as victim looks shocked.
5) Prepare for retaliation! (Lucky for him, little sister is not yet familiar with this concept).
So on Friday nights we have been swapping with two other families to have date nights. This Friday we had the kids and Travis thought it would be fun to let them ride down the hill into our backyard on various wheeled toys. I guess we are all so desperate for date nights that we really don't care what our kids go through at other people's houses as long as they are returned to us in one piece!!
There are a few fun 'crash and burn' pictures, so Enjoy!!

Why use wheels when you have a bum!!

Now for some Karate moves before we continue...
We finished off the evening with wagon rides for all!

And so adorable photo ops:

Don't forget the running around like crazy!
Backpack wanted to play so bad, so Dad offered to help!
It was a fun evening for all! There wasn't much else this week. Travis and I babysat for the RS meeting. Saturday was an awesome session of General Conference. The kids did well sitting though both sessions. We took a break and headed to Toys R Us for fun. They had an Easter scavenger hunt though the store. At the end the kids got stickers and a workbook. They had fun coloring with this new Crayola Glow Explosion paper and markers.

We also watched some other kiddos from the neighborhood. The kids never argue about having someone to play with. Sunday is Easter and more General Conference!


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