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Thursday, July 15, 2010

2010 Week #12 - Books, Books and More Books

We had a remarkable time in Nauvoo. Post will follow shortly.
Travis still had a few days left before he went back to school so we decided to take upon ourselves a bit of an organizational project.
We were so frustrated looking for that one book that someone wanted read that we knew was somewhere. So we compiled all the books from all the places we've been hiding them, which consisted of both the kid's rooms, the office, the dining area by the kitchen, the shed, the garage, the dining room and the upstairs hall closet. I love how Trouble is reading amidst the chaos.

There is always time for a reading break!

Eventually we got everything sorted out. We ended up sorting everything by groups like Disney, Sesame Street, Bernstein Bears, Clifford, jokes, I Spy, dinosaur, Christmas, etc... Then whatever was leftover into paperback and hardback. Its so much nicer! We had to purchase 2 more bookshelves and will need another. But now when Dynomite is looking for Clifford's Good Deeds, we know right where to go!!
Random walking picture... we were headed to the clubhouse to get our picture with the Easter Bunny.
In my mind I envisioned this as a much happier event...That was the picture Travis snapped. Here are the pictures the photographer took:

Saturday was the Ward Easter activity. The deal was that whatever eggs you picked up, you put into someone else's basket (or bag). It was a great idea! The kids just put the eggs they found in Travis' bad :-)
There were so many people there, it was more like locust eating through a wheat field. I believe the activities committee stuffed over 1,000 eggs!


Kelly said...

Don't worry, Backpack. Raina wasn't a big Easter bunny fan either! Love the egg hunt idea! Reduces the number of kids who get trampled!

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