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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun Continues with Papa and Aunt Donna

Aunt Donna snapped this one of me at 18 weeks. I guess it was getting noticeable, despite the sweater :-) So here we are back at my birthday. Dynomite was loving the princess themed party.
It was a lovely celebration!

Aunt Donna fixing a crown on Backpack. I'm not sure he wants it....
Nope, he doesn't :-) (Ha Ha, I'll show you!!)
Everyone gets a crown, even Trouble...
The kids were just excited to get cake.
Playing at the park near our house. Backpack is already doing well on the equipment and sliding down the slide by himself. He's preparing for summer.

Daddy helping Backpack with the digger thing.
Aunt Donna doesn't need any help. She lives on a farm, she's a pro!
Go Backpack, Go!
The kids got an extra special treat this year! They had an early Easter from Papa and Aunt Donna. This morning was actually St. Patrick's Day. So a silly leprechaun came and dyed their milk and pancakes green! Trouble got a new green shirt to wear to school. Then the kids discovered that the Easter bunny came! (We know our kids will forever have 'holiday confusion' because of this!)
Trouble finding eggs:
Backpack is in full 'search and find' mode:
Dynomite checking out her goods:
Trouble is contemplating his finds:
Backpack is egg-cited!!
What did you get? Eggs!! Surprise, surprise.
Easter also brought some golf club sets for the kids. The master is teaching the amateur.
It was a lot of fun! The Easter bunn(ies) can come visit anytime!
We were sad to see Papa and Aunt Donna head of so soon. The visit always seems so short and we loved having them visit. They caught a plane to WI Friday morning to help Papa move back to CA. We left Friday afternoon for Nauvoo.
Travis helped Dynomite paint fairies and he kept the other kids entertained while I packed and cleaned. They painted a fairy for Dynomite's bestest friend, who went on our trip with us! That will be later...


Cynthia said...

Yay for updates! The fairy turned out cute, too. :-)

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