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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 Week #17

Trouble had his Trike-A-Thon at school. Basically the school asked parents for a general donation to the Ronald McDonald House and the kids rode around the parking lot. We had been working all month for Trouble to ride without his training wheels. He was very proud of himself for accomplishing this! They're waiting at the starting line.
And off they go!
We saw most of the kids with bigger bikes. We know he needs to move up, but for now he's happy to ride this one.
Crossing the finish line!
Just cute pictures of the kiddos. (Hope you don't mind...)
Backpack's mischievous look:
Trouble's "I'm not doing nothin'" look:
Dynomite's cutie look:
Backpack's happy boy look:
Mr. Potato head glasses....very fashionable these days! (even upside down)
Our favorite toy: Marble Works!
Silly faced Trouble:
The yellow piece that the marble is dropping from is actually broken. Travis made it launching ramp to drop the marbles into the orange piece. It worked well. Travis only snapped a bazillion pictures to get this one.
I made a book out of our 2008 blog posts through Blurb.com. Dynomite loves to look at it and reminisce. We've decided that at the end of each year we'd make a new book. Its like a scrapbook just easier not as expensive but not as pretty.
Another Trouble silly face:
The marble falling. (Again, a lot of pictures taken to get this one!)
See, Mr. Potato head glass are good for pre-schoolers too!
Cynthia's birthday was actually on Thursday, but we couldn't get together on that day. Unfortunately it was a busy day with visiting teaching, taking someone a meal, and book club. Although, we did drop off a present. Instead we hosted a Mystery Dinner Theater on Saturday. It was so much fun! Michael really gets into character with his voices. Cynthia got the babysitters to watch our kids, we provided the game and dinner. The Stahls joined us. For dessert was assorted cheesecakes.
Happy Birthday, Cynthia!!


Cynthia said...

And it was such a fun birthday party too! Thank you! It makes feeling old not quite as bad. :-)

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